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Must-See Brunswick Art Galleries & Studios

There is no denying that Melbourne is Australia’s artistic hub, and if you are looking for an amazing art gallery, Brunswick is the area to visit. While there are amazing art galleries in every corner of Melbourne, you can tour some of the best all from one suburb.

We’ve listed the best Brunswick art gallery options here so you can find your new favourite artists and possibly even a new piece to decorate your home.

sculpting work at 1280 gallery


1280 is part-store, part gallery that offers you the chance to become a maker thanks to their many clasess and casual studio access offers. Primarily focussed on potetery, both established and experienced potters can work from the space, with acurated collection up for viewing and purchasing.

Local potters can also drop off their work into 1280 to have it fired! The art and process of pottery is truly encompassed in Brunswick by this space.

artwork at that paper joint gallery

That Paper Joint

That Paper Joint is an artist’s gallery and place where you can also get involved and try your hand at creation. This unique space sima to reuse, reinvent and reimagine via the art of collage. They host cut-&-paste sessions, private parties and art exhibitions for artists who work within the sustainable creative community.

That Paper Joint champions sustainable creativity, using secondhand materials wherever possible and will happily take material donations that can be turned into art!

paintings hanging up at brunswick street gallery

Whilst this gallery isn’t technically in Brunswick, we believe it’s well worth the drive, and should definitely be on your list of galleries to visit when in Melbourne.

Brunswick Street Gallery is a professional exhibition space that showcases both local and national artists, and it doubles as a creative studio for both makers and designers.

The best of the best in Brunswick street galleries offers a dynamic schedule with regular exhibition openings, cultural events and more within its seven gallery spaces. Every exhibition runs for three weeks featuring hundreds of local artists’ works. You can find the most diverse and eclectic sampling of art right here.

the interior of counihan gallery

Counihan Gallery sits in the middle of Brunswick and is the City of Moreland’s public art space. They present a range of contemporary shows and offer a permanent collection that features a range of work by Noel Counihan, the gallery’s namesake. Their other permanent feature artists include Angela Cavalieri, Graham Drendel, Maree Clarke and Fiona Foley.

The Sydney road gallery has a rotating program that focuses on artists who live, work and contribute to the area of Brunswick. Opened in 1999, the gallery chose Noel Counihan, an Australian artist and activist, as their figurehead as he was a champion of social justice and free speech. The exhibition program continues these ideals with a focus on political activation, sustainability, and creative expression.

The Counihan Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm and Sundays 1pm to 5pm.

an art sculptor featured at beinart gallery

Tucked down a quaint little side street off Sydney road, you’ll find the cute little Beinart Gallery a curated space for artists who are fascinated with surreal and imaginative themes. Both local and international emerging talent is on display in the gallery, which has been around since 2016.

They hold solo exhibitions for celebrated international artists, including the illusionistic porcelain sculptures of Johnson Tsang, the stirring ceramic art of Ronit Baranga, and the mind-bending op art of Alex Garant, to name just a few. You’ll always find a featured artist on display along with a range of other works for sale at very reasonable prices.

interior of blak dot gallery

Blak Dot Gallery is a stunning space for contemporary First Nations art established in 2011 to showcase contemporary artworks from world Indigenous cultures.

The art of First Nations people is re-defined here through a strong network of First Nations artists, delivered via a vibrant and innovative exhibition schedule. In addition, you’ll find solo, group and community work, events, workshops, panel discussions, guest speakers and an artist’s market. This is the space to experience First Nations artists working with non-traditional and mixed-media interpretations of lived experiences in modern society.

the artwork hanging up at hillvale gallery

Hillvale Gallery is an artist-run space for emerging local artists that focus on photography and lens-based image-making. Since 2013 the spot has been home to a dedicated photo lab, that was built by photographers for photographers. The gallery quickly followed this to show the amazing works that appear from the lab.

Hillvale Gallery is also a supporter of Photography Studies College and the Centre for Multicultural Youth, hosting many graduate shows to assist students’ creative development. Visit this space to see the best of Melbourne through a lens.

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The Artists of EBV

We truly love art at EBV and have hosted many local artists who adorn our walls with murals around the village. We feature many artists including two of our favourites, Datsun Tran and Robert Hague:

mural artwork of a gorilla and birds by datsun tran

Datsun Tran

Datsun Tran is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on using the natural world to communicate the human story. He delves into various themes, including conflict, utopia, childhood, and the relationship between cultures. He takes a positive view of the world by identifying commonalities as opposed to differences. Datsun’s work has been exhibited worldwide, and he has been a finalist in over 35 art prizes.

mural artwork by robert hague

Robert Hague

Robert Hague’s work is a commentary on the modern world delivered via classical techniques. Contemporary art is timeless as far as he and his impeccable skill are concerned. His work revels in ambiguity, and he works across a range of mediums, including, printmaking, video, painting, and installation. However, his primary focus is sculpture in metal and stone. His studio is based in Newport, Melbourne, and you’ll often find his work in the NGV and National Gallery of Australia.

a golden stone mural by will heathcote

Will Heathcote

Will Heathcote’s EBV contribution is a sculpture cloaked in gold, cast in aluminium and propped on timber veneer bases. The raw and uncut material forms become objects that resonate with the iconic use of bluestone. Will is originally from Tasmania and has shown nationally and internationally while also being the successful recipient of the 2018 Wingate Fellowship and the 2014 Australia Council’s New Work Grant. He was part of the 2019 NGV Design Week and has been shortlisted for a number of awards amongst an impressive list of peers.

By commissioning works from local artists, we create a sense of time and place that engages the history of East Brunswick’s industrial past. EBV is a culturally diverse community that encapsulates today’s urban environment, and our many artworks across a variety of mediums, including sculpture, photography and painted murals, ensure that art is a part of everyday life here at East Brunswick Village.

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