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Discover the Arts and Culture of Brunswick

Brunswick has lured in a creative and culturally driven community. There’s an abundance of live music, street art, museums, art galleries and exhibitions for you to discover.

This lively suburb has a commitment to strengthening the creative and remains a destination for the arts. Take a tour through the streets of Brunswick and uncover its artistic beauty and talented individuals.

03 Jan: Brunswick’s Top Live Music Venues

We wanted to put East Brunswick Village (EBV) to the task and have had our sales team answer these ‘six essential questions you should ask when buying an apartment’, and we think we shape up pretty well!

25 Feb: 5 Reasons Creatives Should Consider Moving to Brunswick

Brunswick is the heart that pumps the blood of a lot of Melbourne’s creativity. Here is our list of five reasons why creatives should consider moving to Brunswick.

17 Apr: Brunswick is the suburb for lovers of live music
Those of us who live in Brunswick know that music is the heart and soul of our suburb. Brunswick boasts some of Melbourne's best music venues and hosts some of the best local and international gigs each and every week.
31 Mar: Our Favourite East Brunswick Artists
East Brunswick is home to some of the best artists Melbourne has to offer. Ahead of our upcoming 'Conversations' evenings which will be staged in the EBV display suite, we're highlighting the art and creativity of the artists we are working with, whose work we have implemented at each level of EBV.
28 Feb: A Shopper’s Guide to Brunswick East Melbourne
We love the many small locally owned stores in Brunswick East, here is just a few of our favourites that you should visit.
11 Feb: Framing the Brunswick art scene with Kit

Brunswick East boasts a thriving creative community including songwriters, sculptors and painters each with their own style, vibrancy and storytelling flair. When it comes to the end product somebody needs to add that finishing touch.

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