Community Living in Brunswick

Brunswick is known for its hipster, laid back culture with a strong influence in the arts and live music.

Brunswick promises a night of drinks, entertainment and seriously good food and coffee. Popular for its multicultural feel, Brunswick brings a real sense of community and support, rich in history and home to people from all walks of life.

organic wholefoods
23 Jun: Best Places in Brunswick to Buy Organic Foods

We wanted to put East Brunswick Village (EBV) to the task and have had our sales team answer these ‘six essential questions you should ask when buying an apartment’, and we think we shape up pretty well!

23 Sep: Top 4 Pet-friendly Brunswick spots
Sadly Australia is not totally dog-friendly which means we can't always take our best mate out with us as much as we'd like to. That being said, us north of the river folk are better off in many ways and here are some reasons why living in and around Brunswick is PAWESOME.
14 May: Bicycle Road Safety
Those that live in Brunswick East are known for having a higher level of understanding to sustainability and deeper care for the environment. As a by-product of that, there are a lot of those who choose to cycle. We thank you for that.
16 Apr: Supporting local business helps reduce carbon miles
When you don't have to travel as far, it means less car time and if what you buy is made locally there are fewer carbon miles on products you purchase.
Jewell of Brunswick
20 Dec: Free things to do with your family in Brunswick
We have you covered this holiday season with some awesome free activities to do with your family in the best suburb in Melbourne, Brunswick.
26 Nov: Why Brunswick is one of Melbourne’s best suburbs
Talk to many Brunswick locals and they will tell you they wouldn't want to live anywhere else, here are just a few of the many reasons Brunswick is one of Melbourne's most loved places to live and work.
07 Nov: Recycled timber that tells a story…
Easy on the eye and built to last, Troy from Retrograde Furniture shares with us his passion for recycling timber.
25 Oct: A live music venue with plenty of love to go around…
Whole Lotta Love Bar is the kind of place where everyone is welcome and it's got live music running through its veins.
04 Oct: A tailored look for the individual

I’m a local of Brunswick, I’ve lived here for over 15 years. I just recently moved to Paskeville South but for 15 years I have lived and had a business in this area, I’m a Brunswickian.

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