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Benefits of apartment living in Brunswick

Firstly let’s take a moment of silence to appreciate how amazing Brunswick is…
Brunswick has always been a magnet for people that are looking to live out their dreams. This started back in the Gold Rush era and whilst there is no gold rush, that mindset is still prevalent today. Brunswick is now a multi-cultural explosion of food, drinks, people, life and dreams. All local Brunswick business owners and community have that gold rush glimmer in their eyes.

Living in Brunswick has many benefits, here’s just a couple;


  • Only 5km to the city
  • Brunswick is a bike-friendly suburb with plenty of bike paths to get you where you need to go
  • If you enjoy the nightlife, Brunswick is full of bars, pubs, live music, and good times.
  • Some of the best cafes in Melbourne are in Brunswick
  • Food – we drool over how spoilt for choice we are (so many cuisines at affordable prices)
  • Why are Brunswick apartments snapped up so quickly?
  • A major reason why apartments don’t last long on the market in Brunswick is due to the well-known fact, that the living in Brunswick means you are part of the Brunswick community. The Brunswick community is a pro-bicycle, ethically minded, sustainable culture, which is full of many different cultures. A melting pot of good humans, from different backgrounds all living and working together. There are tonnes of community events, plenty of green lush gardens to enjoy and a community that truly cares about their carbon footprint. What’s not to love, right?

There are many new apartment developments in Brunswick and apartment living makes it affordable to live in a vibrant inner city suburb full of cool small bars, retail shops for days and entertainment just about everywhere you look and apartment living allows you to live out your dreams of owning a home in a thriving suburb.

5 reasons why apartment living in Brunswick is so good;


Fairly obvious but apartments are cheaper than houses due to the size. Especially when you’re wanting to move into such a sought after suburb. Apartments are fantastic for those either downsizing or first homeowners. Note, first home owners also get grants and can save on stamp duty if buying an apartment off the plan. That to us is a no brainer and a great leg up to get into the housing market.

Ongoing/running costs are also cheaper than a house, with electricity and power costs being much lower. Plus, most apartments are close to public transport so car costs can also be heavily reduced as you’re not having to use your car as much.

Shared Expenses

With this EBV project, ongoing expenses will be cut down with savings on electricity. Without getting into too much detail, the apartment block will be making energy through solar panels, which will be sold back to the power grid, each apartment gets those savings passed onto them, which brings down the costs of your electricity bills.


Living in apartments means that by way of size you’re living a more sustainable life. You have less waste which means less goes into landfill, you may not be driving as much which means less car juice getting into our air. Apartments mean less electricity and gas is being used. So, by living in an apartment complex you’re doing good things for the environment.

Buildings in stage 1 achieve an average 7.5-star Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). You can rest assured that your carbon footprint will be minimised and sleep easy knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment. Some key features include; Flexi car pods located nearby, charging stations for electric vehicles, first-grade recycling facilities provided alongside general waste facilities, rainwater tanks for toilet flushing achieve a STORM rating of 100%, 15 kW photovoltaic (solar) system installed on the roof of each building, double glazing for energy efficiency and thermal and acoustic comfort, and more.


The Brunswick community is one of the best communities in Melbourne. Fact. This community is leading the way with positive change and a strong movement towards being ethically and sustainably minded. The community has plenty of local events that are happening almost weekly, plenty of Brunswick meetups groups that occur almost weekly, and if you prefer to just people watch, Brunswick has some amazing parks and gardens to take the sights and sounds in.


The added benefit of living in an inner city apartment complex is that you have security guards all around you, in fact, you become one as well. Apartment living allows you to get to know your fellow neighbour and of course, look out for their apartment as they will yours. “when apartment dwellers are at home alone at night, they are almost three times more likely to feel safe compared to people in their single detached houses.”

A shameless plug, but we do have some great apartments that offer all of the above and more. We’d love to show you through our display suites and talk further to how we have elevated those 5 key points above. Register here for more information.

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