A Guide To The Best Bakeries In Brunswick

the front of a bakery stacked high with bread

Brunswick’s artistic flare and long line of talented artisan chefs make finding a place to eat all too easy – the hardest part is choosing which bakery to hit up first. Vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike are all considered in these popular bakery destinations. Each bakery has a story to tell and a unique method to their signature ‘baked goods.’

Do yourself a favour, head to each of the bakeries listed below and you’ll quickly understand why they’re on our list for being the best bakeries in Brunswick.

pastries sitting in baskets by the windowsill

Choukette Bakery

Are you someone that would travel across the world to ‘taste test’ a certain cuisine?

How about France? Choukette Bakery has been a popular northside stamping ground for over 10 years due it’s authentic parisian cafe environment and delicious cuisine.

What’s their secret? All of Choukette’s products are made-by-hand for added flare and authenticity that can’t be achieved with alternate methods.

Their philosophy centres around 3 main rules:

  1. Everything in the bakery is to be homemade
  2. All products are locally sourced (where possible)
  3. Zero waste – everything goes to the recycling bin or compost

Head chef Nans Wojtczak embarked on his version of “tour de France” covering Bordeaux, Cologne, Craon, Toulouse, Colmar and Nantes to develop his skills in traditional french cuisine. To his side is Stephan Pettier, the former chef and owner of the famous “Aux Batifolles” restaurant based in Melbourne. Alongside their team, these talented chefs run a 24hr service, (one night chef, one day chef) to deliver some of the finest quality french cuisine available in Brunswick.

For the common sweet tooth, their signature dishes include the mille-feuille, a three tiered custard, vanilla slice covered with a thin layer of fondant icing. Next is the traditional Eclair, available for purchase in a variety of flavours and last but not least, their shortcrust apple/custard tarts topped with cherries and almond meal. They even have a lengthy lunch menu that features soul-warming soups, pies, quiches, savoury croissants and vegetarian slices.

Feel like being a chef for the day? Choukette have revealed their method for perfecting the ‘french croissant!,’ give it a go and let us know how it turns out, we might even try it for ourselves.

Bon Appetit.

sweet pastries and bread products sitting on a benchtop in a window sill


Sugardough takes “window shopping” to a whole new level.

Baskets of rustic-style loaves and sweet pastries are neatly assembled on a shelving unit that backs up against the storefront window, giving a passer-by the perfect preview of the delicious temptation that awaits inside.

Sugardough Panificio and Patisserie have an extensive menu with French and Italian favourites featured throughout. With so much choice it can be near impossible to choose ‘just one.’ Sugardough has been the ‘go to’ patisserie for both locals and tourists since 2004. Their commitment to sourcing fresh, local, free range, organic and fair trade ingredients means that every item on the menu is created to the highest possible standards, with love and care reflected through every dish.

According to their customers they’re also known to make some of the best coffee in Brunswick! Do you agree? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, as we just might add it to our list of cafes featuring the best coffee in Brunswick.

a group of croissants with powdered sugar and almonds on top

The Village Bakery

Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread?

Luckily for you, The Village Bakery has shelves filled to the brim with traditional sourdough loaves for you to choose from, baked fresh daily. The scent wafts out onto the street, welcoming you inside. They’ve even incorporated a few of their own bold, unique choices to the list like their creation of the ‘Chocolate & Cherry’ sourdough loaf. Unreal.

Right alongside the loaves are the perfect flaky pastries, including danishes, tarts, croissants and impressive cakes. Even the famous ‘cronut’ is available – for those of you who don’t know, cronuts are a doughnut-like shaped sweet treat made from similar dough to a croissant that’s filled with flavoured cream and fried in Grapeseed oil. It’s no wonder they took the world by storm.

Owner and Chef Damian Spyrou has built quite a reputation for himself amongst locals in his 21 years of operation. His commitment to producing handmade, artisan goods using only high-quality, premium ingredients mustered up a lot of excitement within the community, turning his little bakery into a popular tourist destination.

portuguese tarts with sugar on top

Acustico Cafe

Looking for a quirky little whole in the wall to sit back, relax and immerse yourself in? Acustico Cafe is your home away from home. This little cafe sits apart from the busy streets of Sydney Road creating a cosy dining oasis that features 1950’s style tables and chairs and vintage furniture. This cafe was built on the basis of creating a space for Brunswick’s alternative and artistic community to turn to when they feel like harnessing their creative side or enjoying themselves through good vibes and good coffee.

Sustainability is one of this cafe’s biggest X factors. The fit-out is built with recycled wooden panels, their coffee cups are bio-degradable and their meals are prepared using ingredients from their veggie/herb garden that sits at the front of the store.

Their menu features sweet classics such as portugese tarts (you can choose from plain, nutella or mixed berry), both traditional and almond croissants, as well as their take on the ‘superfood balls.’ Their lunch menu features an assortment of classic brekkie favourites, toasties, salads and of course baguette-style sandwiches.

chimmys bakery loaves sitting on a rack by the window

Chimmy’s Bakery

While we may be a little biased, we like to think we’re pretty much experts of all things ‘Brunswick,’ which is why we feel perfectly comfortable including Chimmy’s Bakery in our guide to the best bakeries in Brunswick.

After a sourdough loaf with the perfect amount of crunch and chew? Spruce up your morning brekkie with an authentic sourdough loaf from Chimmy’s Bakery. The dough is free from preservatives, additives and unbleached flour with grains that are locally sourced from Country Victoria and blended into the bread culture.

Their new location at East Brunswick Village has been highly successful with residents and locals alike. With plenty of freshly baked doughnuts, pies, biscuits and sourdough bread to choose from we found it difficult to touch on ‘just one’ of our favourites.

screenshot of a review of chimmys bakery

So instead, we turned to the community for answers. Their top picks? The pies, cookies and in-house crafted doughnuts, (along with the sourdough bread of course) are what keeps them coming back for more.

Wildlife Bakery

Brunswick locals are well aware of this bakery’s charm. The Wildlife Bakery is amongst one of the most frequently visited pit-stops in Brunswick since its opening in September, 2017 by Huw Murdoch.

Murdoch is a familiar face on Melbourne’s streets having managed the beloved Market Lane Coffee on Therry Street for over six years. This highly sought after bakery is filled with grand, crusty baguettes that feature throughout their assortment of freshly made sandwiches. Each bite into their rich, chewy caramelized centre will leave you hungry for more.

Even their toasties have managed to achieve the perfect ratio of just enough filling, combined with oozy, melty goodness – making them known for creating the best toasties in town.

Their bread selection is far from modest. Behind the counter sits a long line of shelving filled to the brim with traditional and nontraditional sourdough loaves. They’ve covered the basics with oat, olive, fruit (which is filled with raisins, apricots, and whole dates) mixed seed and rye loaves, as well as their not so traditional ‘porridge loaf’ – a moist, soft waxy crumb that’s bursting with flavour, made with flaked khorsan and an assortment of flours from Wholegrain Milling.

Among the other standard-outs is the flakey rye pastry mille-feuille, the croissants filled with strawberry and rhubarb jam, white chocolate and frangipane and the perfect Aussie favourite, the beloved lamington. Upon entrance you’ll be met with a view of their impressive sourdough loaves, as well as cabinets filled with freshly baked pastries that are yours for the taking.

Having these delicious bakeries at your beck and call is just another reason why Brunswick is one of Melbourne’s best suburbs. Have another to add to the list? Let us know.

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