A Shopper’s Guide to Brunswick East Melbourne

If you’re looking for a great shopping day out then why not do a day down in East Brunswick. With plenty of cool vintage stores, clothing stores and heaps of places to fuel up, East Brunswick has you covered.

Kindling Clothing

A recent addition to Lygon Street, Kindling Clothing is the perfect place for celebrating fashion with a purpose. Each piece is ethically crafted with the idealism of it to last for a long time. This is owner Nina’s love child, and with sustainability being such an important topic today, Kindling Clothing really does it all.

Following Nina’s Instagram account is a great way to see the process from idea to finished product. Nina is going against the norm of mass production and bringing the true meaning of value back into fashion.

With reviews like “I could tell that the beautiful lady who owns this shop believes in each and every product. What an incredible selection of delightful treasures!” it’s hard to not stop by and check out what all the fuss is about.

Rodwell + Astor

Set in a beautiful old factory in Brunswick, this is a place for anyone who loves furniture, art, and design. There are some unbelievable pieces of work in here and if you’re not careful time will pass quite quickly as you lose yourself in awesome.

The dream for most is to be able to walk in and furniture your house with all their amazing products. Most people come in and dream and the owners love sharing that passion with their visitors. It’s been described as “What a real pleasure to find “Rodwell and Astor” – a Furniture Plus Homewares space which has just opened close to home on Victoria Street in Brunswick. Some fabulous furniture and many home delights by local and other craftspeople. The space is great and the staff just so friendly and enthusiastic. We will be regular visitors.” with a rave review like this, it’s a must visit when you’re next in East Brunswick.

The Kids Cave

The perfect store for when you are looking for children’s birthday presents. Whilst it’s not as large as Rodwell + Astor, it has everything you could possibly need and more. Even if you don’t have kids or presents to get, it’s a fun little store with some interesting pieces.
Being quite popular in Brunswick it’s got some lovely Google reviews as well “I went into the Kids Cave looking for some gifts for my family, and I got exactly what I needed. The customer service was brilliant and I will definitely be back to buy more. Great range of toys and great store!” and “Educational toys at reasonable prices. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great store to buy gifts and toys that aren’t available in the major chains.”.

The Boroughs 

A gift that keeps on giving. Would have to be one of our favorite businesses in Brunswick and perfect for those that are right into their arts and crafts. Even if you are not, the store is worth a look around, you never know what you might find. You will quickly notice that everything that you see is made and sourced locally. Fully buying into the #KeepItLocal lifestyle, The Boroughs is an East Brunswick fave!
With each purchase, money is also given to a charity of choice. It’s a way that owner Alasdair MacKinnon is really proud of and a movement that’s easy for everyone to get behind.

Don’t just take our word for here, here are some Google reviews “The best little store in Brunswick East! Showcasing fantastic local designers, with friendly and knowledgeable service. I never fail to find something unique and beautiful here, and love knowing that I’m supporting a locally owned shop and local artists and designers :)” and “My go to place when I need to buy gifts or find the perfect card. Lovely selection of items by local artists and quite simply a beautifully presented space. Staff are very helpful and attentive and I always enjoy my visits here.”

Sprinkle Emporium

If you’re looking for an Australian made, ethical fashion label with garments designed to flatter the professional curvy woman, then this store is made for you. Run by Sprinkle, who’s an absolutely beautiful human who is full of life and love, it’s hard not to walk out with a smile.

With the tagline “Embrace Your Curves Don’t Hide them” it says everything you need know. If you’re a woman who knows who she is, her worth and what she wants, Sprinkle Emporium has everything you need and then some.

Some of our favorite Google reviews are “I own three Sprinkle frocks and love them all. They were all ordered online and fit perfectly as the size guide indicated. The dresses hug the bits that matter and flatter everything else x” and “I love this boutique, and make the time to visit whenever in Melbourne. The staff are always so friendly, the clothes are stylish and exceptionally well made: I am still wearing Sprinkle pants that I bought in 2008!”.

East Brunswick is full of shops and here are just 5 different retail stores of the many. It’s truly worth popping down and finding your favourite store, be careful as some are easily missed. Small business run by locals is another thing to love about Brunswick East, if you are interested in making a home in this great inner city suburb register your interest in EBV.

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