Top 4 Pet-friendly Brunswick spots

Sadly Australia is not totally dog-friendly which means we can’t always take our best mate out with us as much as we’d like to. That being said, us north of the river folk are better off in many ways and here are some reasons why living in and around Brunswick is PAWESOME.

Take a look at our top 5 spots to have your doggy date in and around Brunswick.

1. A Minor Place

This cute cafe is a place where they welcome dogs with open arms. It’s one of the best dog-friendly cafes in Brunswick, actually, it’s one of the best dog-friendly cafes in Melbourne. They seriously adore dogs, so walk in with confidence with your pooch. Get yourself a coffee and feed, hook up your four-legged friend and you’re good to go.

2. Edinburgh Castle

If you’re a Brunswick local you’ll know all about this, but if you’re just passing by then please let me introduce you to Edinburgh Castle. Has been here forever and is known as Brunswick’s longest standing pub, which boasts a mega beer garden that is crying out for dogs. So if you’re looking for some great pub food + cold beers, that is dog-friendly then look no further than this beauty. If you own a dog and live in Brunswick you would be proud to say this is the best dog-friendly pub in Brunswick. Hard to find a better pub for you and your furry friend. Us locals would call this the best dog-friendly pub in Melbourne, maybe even Australia.

3. Thinker and Makers Market

Who doesn’t love a market and before you say it, yes most are dog-friendly, but most are not as rad as our local Think and Makers Market. Celebrating all things local from plants, homewares, arts and crafts to food and drink, this market has you covered. There’s no better company than your doggo mate to tag along and ride shotgun as you head to the market. You won’t be alone, plenty of dog lovers frequent this market.

4. CERES Community Environment Park

Such a beloved park in Brunswick, this park is frequented by every man and his dog. That’s right it’s 4 hectares of a rehabilitated landfill and it’s within walking distance of EBV. With so much to do and see, CERES is perfect for your dog. Bring your ball and best throwing arm, pack a picnic and make a day of it for you and dog. The market is open from 9am – 4pm on Saturdays and Wednesday and dogs are most welcome. Even if you don’t have a dog but love a pat, you can get in all the pats you need at CERES.

Bonus spots to take your pooch are;

Rogue District
Union St Brewers
Code Black Coffee Brunswick
Miss Marmalade
Sweet Evelyn
Lucy Lockett

These days most apartments are dog-friendly and if they’re not, well why would you live there! Shameless plug, but our EBV apartments in Brunswick East are dog-friendly and will even have an eco-dog wash in the village, so if you have a dog, you will be barking mad to miss out on it 😉 To register your interest click here.

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