Our top 5 Date Spots in Brunswick East

Whether it’s a Tinder Date or the love of your life here are the best 5 date spots in East Brunswick that is putting out solid love vibes without even knowing it.

1. Bouvier Bar

If you’re yet to visit this fine establishment looks can be deceiving. From the outside it can look to be small, but once inside you’ll be presented with a room that has a bar 20 meters long.

Got to love a date spot that is lamp lit, it means you don’t feel like every part of you is on show. It will allow you to relax into the date, comfortably tuck into some delicious meals (we suggest you try the gnocchi) and order some cocktails to get the conversation started. Whilst not your quintessential fine dining restaurant, the Bouvier Bar has a nice feeling to it, so make sure you dress smartly.

Once you have finished with dinner, order carafe of wine and let the rest of the night smoothly flow. Tip: First date, red wine stains the teeth, make sure you drink carefully, no one likes a black-toothed smile.

2. Kumo Izakaya

With 80+ Sake and Shochu to choose from, paired with 2 cracking chefs, this is a Japanese date spot that will have you coming back for more. Maybe not ideal for a first date, but if you’re ambitious and confident, give it a go. We would recommend this for couples that love to challenge their senses.

Enter through stunning wooden castle doors and in the entrance you’re presented with many, many trinkets (which is a shop, see something you like and you can buy it). Whether you’re sitting downstairs or upstairs (for the people watchers, head upstairs and watch the street below), your first challenge is navigating the menu. First things first, get yourself a sake and cheers to the beginning of a lovely night.

The food is impeccable and if you are unsure the staff are super helpful, sometimes it’s nice to let the staff do the ordering for you, get adventurous and live on the wild side.


3. Beku Gelato

The perfect date spot for those looking to finish off a lovely dinner or just have a fun little afternoon out. I mean, who doesn’t love Gelato?

Once you have found your gelato loving match, plan your date around this spot and you’ll be sure to finish or start off with a high. There’s not much else to say, get a cone or a scoop, share or keep to yourself, we promise you, if you are yet to try this place out you’ll fall in love with it.

Changing menu’s and flavors frequently, yet always having the classics on show, this crowd-pleaser Gelato spot will win you points from your partner.

4. The Alderman

This place is a much-loved bar in East Brunswick. Often missed or walked straight past, we introduce to you, The Alderman. Once you walk through the doors this place will charm the pants off you.

Enter into the front room where you’re presented with the bowed bar which is filled with random but nice conversation starters and/or awkward moment ice breaker trinkets. Walking through and past the bar, you’ll enter the backroom which kind of feels like you’re in someone’s house, kitted out with a fireplace, board games, and leather bellows. There’s a cracking old looking staircase (totally safe to walk up and down on) that leads up to an art gallery.

Pushing through this room you’ll be presented with the backyard. This is a long narrow courtyard, filled with coloured lights on strings, this is the most popular section of The Alderman. If you’re looking for a date spot with some vibe, noise, and fun, this is your spot. If you’re a non-smoker I would suggest you avoid this section (it may be non-smoking by the time you read this, fingers crossed). Bonus, your dogs are welcome in the section (outside), I wonder who’s the third wheel when that happens…

If you’re looking for a venue that has many places to sit and take in the ambiance, this is a cracker and worth a date night or two.


5. Bluebonnet

Calling all American BBQ loving couples, this one is for you. It’s woody, earthy and meaty.
Bring a spare napkin cause things could get messy.

There are plenty of options for seating, inside they have relaxed bar seating, large tables, dining tables and outside is for those who get the meat sweats. With a pool table in the side room if you’re wanting to hang around and knock a few balls in before you head home.

The interior is pretty impressive with exposed wood, brick, and steel beams, throw in some animal heads and mood lighting. With plenty of food on the menu (you must try the crispy lamb ribs) it’s nothing short of mouthwatering goodness. Wash that meat-deliciousness down with some cold and delicious drinks. You really couldn’t ask for a better place to get to know your loved one better.

It’s time to spoil your loved one with some good food, some saucy drinks and if you’re lucky, a good night kiss 😉 – It’s valentines day every day at these love bird date spots.

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