Feature: JAM Architects

At EBV we are extremely lucky to be working with the team at JAM Architects on this project. It goes without saying but we wanted to highlight the amazing work that JAM do on a daily basis and the fantastic team that is delivering this special project in Brunswick East.

Working with JAM

We have worked with the team at JAM on a few other projects we have completed and have been blown away by their process and professionalism. Jam is incredibly hands-on and have a great eye for detail. This is important to us, as on a project of this scale it’s critically important that we work with the best team who will dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. We have been working with JAM for over 10 years and some of our other projects have been Smith Street Collingwood and Footscray Plaza.
JAM has worked closely with all parties involved in this process to make sure that East Brunswick Village is a welcomed addition to the Brunswick East community. JAM has made sure that the building is sustainable in its build, but also after development has been completed and the village is occupied with homeowners, that the building continues to be sustainable.


Creating an environmentally and sustainable village was very important to us and working with JAM we knew that they are leaders in the field when it comes to building with ESD at the forefront. ESD (environmental sustainable design) are entrenched in all of JAM’s designs. This means that the EBV design and development has had strong consideration on the following:

  • Low energy building design
  • Sustainable material selection
  • Low energy lighting systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air condition systems
  • Passive and active ventilation systems
  • Passive solar principles
  • Thermal mass solutions
  • Water conservation
  • Stormwater retention
  • Solar design
  • Active biomass
  • Native and appropriate planting/landscape

Sustainable Features of EBV

We have listed just a few of the sustainable features that JAM and EBV are working on in this development.
We dug up a lot and we wanted to highlight that nothing was wasted. 30,000m3 of solid bluestone rock that was dug up has been repurposed into pavers, which will pave the driveways and roadways at EBV. 20,000m3 of recycled crushed concrete to be used as road base. 100,000 tonnes of rock recycled into crushed rock products.
+ Some of the larger boulders that were dug up have been used as art, the most obvious seen out the front of EBV, the ‘gold rock’.

Communal veggie gardens will be provided on rooftops, that will allow for the green thumbs to grow and eat sustainably. JAM and EBV hope this becomes a well-used garden and one that brings the EBV community together.

Home waste and recycling is a big part of each apartment. We understand that apartment living can sometimes mean recycling is forgotten or hard to do. Not at EBV, JAM has made sure this is a huge part of the apartment design and build.

Bees – yep, we’ll make sure there is an apiary that will sit alongside our veggie garden ethos of being able to live and eat more sustainably. There will be a beekeeper and the honey will be available for the EBV community.

Car power stations will also be installed as we look to the future in hope that electric cars become the norm. The EBV community that own electric cars will be able to easily charge their cars as needed.

View all sustainable features of EBV here.

We’re looking forward to revealing more as the development goes on. As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out and our team will get back to you. Do not miss our first conversation night 7pm Tuesday 19 March, entry is free we will be chatting with Chris Manton from JAM Architects and Sophie Hutchinson from ADP Consulting about both architecture and sustainability at EBV.

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