Enjoy a coffee and some choice tunes with Chris from Double Dutch

Operating among a few music studios and art spaces, Double Dutch is a coffee bar operated by Chris who makes one hell of a long black.

Chris: What’s your name?

Chris H: Chris Holland

Chris: What’s the name of the place?

Chris H: Double Dutch coffee bar.

Chris: And where does the name come from?

Chris H: It comes from my surname and my wife is Holland as well so. It’s a good name it means so many things.

You can find Double Dutch on Lygon Street in East Brunswick. (Image credit www.beanhunter.com)

Chris: You’ve been here for two years?

Chris H: Yep about two and a half years.

Chris: And what brought you here and this area in particular?

Chris H: Yea, so my wife was working with a woman who started up the music school next door. And they were looking for someone to come in and start a café in the space. This was just an empty shell at the time, we spent a couple of months sorting it out.

Byron: Are you a Brunswick local?

Chris H: Yea just off Albion.

Byron: And you like Brunswick?

Chris H: Yea, I love it! What’s not to like?

Byron: What do you love about it?

Chris H: Look it’s just still relatively one of those areas which is kind of untouched, especially this little area here. It is still kind of what it was back in the day.

Byron: Do you have a favourite spot around the place?

Chris H: There are some gems around here. Uncle Joe’s is a great little bar at night time, it’s just up the road there. And there’s a new bar just at the top Dunning Kruger that’s a nice little bar too.

Chris: What kind of stuff would you like to see more of in way of establishments or social initiatives?

Chris H: More record shops, local shops.

Byron: So, you are into music?

Chris H: Yea, yea I love the music. This area is quite heavily inundated with studios and things. We got King Gizzard out the back. They have their recording studios out the back and they operate all their label merchandise out there as well. The music store is here more music studios upstairs. There’s a lot of artists in the area and that sort of things so maybe something which can help those guys. Artist retail all that sort of thing will be cool.

Double Dutch is set amongst a great little creative hub complete with a photography studio and recording space.


Byron: What’s the best thing to order here?

Chris H: Anything man, it’s all good!

If you are looking for a cosy nook to enjoy a relaxing brew of coffee then visit Chris at Double Dutch and ask him to show you his M.C. Escher style tattoo.