We all love Huw’s sourdough from Wildlife Bakery

The best way to start the day is with a nice wholesome breakfast and the team at Wildlife Bakery on Albert Street is a good place to find one.

Chris: Your name is Huw and you are a Brunswick local?
Huw: Yea, I live just off Sydney road.

Chris: Have you lived around here for a while and what drew you to the area?
Huw: Well I did what tonnes of people did, I moved here for uni and then have just lived in Brunswick and around there since then.

Chris: And what’s your role here at Wildlife Bakery?
Huw: I own it.

Chris: What is the speciality here?
Huw: The speciality is sourdough bread that is kind of why I wanted to open it because that is what I love, I didn’t think there was heaps going on here. And then croissants and sandwiches. I come from a coffee background so that’s another focus.

Image credit: Instagram @wildlifebakery

Chris: What do you do around here do you have any favourite spots to go and eat?
Huw: There are a few things. My favourite place to go on my day off is probably Very Good Falafel and then New Day Rising. Honestly, for the past year or so I have been pretty focused on opening a café.

Chris: What kind of people do you have coming here?
Huw: A lot of students and then heaps of young parents so a lot of prams. The good thing about this space is there is room for that kind of thing. You get a lot of dog people because that park is very popular with dog owners.

There are a few studios around here like Schoolhouse Studio and a few other workspaces for creative designers and things like that. They are doing a lot of great stuff around here.

Chris: What would you like to see more of around here:
Huw: I think having like more little businesses is kind of nice, I think that a lot of places like Collingwood and Fitzroy where the shopping strips just become all cafes and I am not against other cafes opening but having a mix of different businesses is really nice. And not all high end.

Image credit: Instagram @wildlifebakery

One of thing I really like about Sydney road and that part of Brunswick is that there is some cool new stuff but there is also cheaper businesses who have been around forever. I would like that stuff to stay.

Whether it’s breakfast or a lunchtime snack Wildlife Bakery is sure to please your appetite.