Get a superhero workout with Jesse at Fittox gym

Are you tired of commericial gyms? Then Fittox is the place for you, especially if you like your superheroes and New York style warehouse setup.

Chris: Do you live in the area?
Jesse: I live in Coburg. Use to live right next door.

Chris: Tell us a little about the place. This is your baby really isn’t it?
Jesse: Yea, I monitor this place like 247. It started 6 years ago I lived inside here six months before it opened, basically just to get a feel for the energy of the place. Put my little fold out bed over there, also started with no money.

It was built from scratch, so I had to look on Gumtree, Facebook just for equipment, got the sack from the guy I use to work for because I said I wanted to open a gym. I left willingly enough and the guy who helps them for machines gave me his number and said if you need machines call me. And he helped me out.

Chris: So, this use to be your place of residence almost.
Jesse: Yea, I talked to the landlord and he said it was all good. But after six months we opened up.

Byron: What kind of people come here and use the gym?
Jesse: It’s definitely the demographic of Brunswick the type of people that would go to your typical shops and bars all around.

Deadpool would love the Brunswick lifestyle (Image credit: Instagram @fittox_gym)

Byron: And you love that about Brunswick as well.
Jesse: Well I was new to Brunswick when I started the business but what I did was by living here in the place I would do my shopping around the area I would go to places pubs, clubs this, that. I’d just have fun.

Byron: Do you have a favourite place?
Jesse: There’s The Retreat Hotel it’s on Sydney road, that was pretty cool.

Chris: Do you go to a lot of local music venues?
Jesse: Not at the moment I am just too busy but I use to but now I meet those people who come here.

Byron: Along with running the venue you also run classes?
Jesse: Yea PT and boxing classes, helping the staff basically get themselves organised with all the systems and how things work.

Byron: How many staff do you have here?
Jesse: About six, yea so they do long hours but there could be more.

Chris: Are you a bit of a superhero fan or comic book fan?
Jesse: Yea, Superman’s my favourite. I’ve never done graffiti before, I wanted to have graffiti art in here and I never done it before I knew how to draw on paper. I got a guy from an alleyway and I saw him doing artwork and said to him, “Can you do some work for me” so he done stuff and then I learned how to do it from scratch and I’ve done the whole building now.

A small taste of the superhero-themed art. (Image credit: Instagram @fittox_gym)


Byron: And that is something you liked about Brunswick.
Jesse: Yea but I was never the one to do the trains and stuff like that.

Chris: What else would you like to see happening in this area?
Jesse: For business purposes, was thinking some large venue shopping centre where you don’t have to travel to Highpoint. Those places bring people from other directions to come to the area. If that was in this area I would love that because people would come this way.

Byron: Any future plans for in here? What’s next?
Jesse: Just monitor to see if whether or not I can open somewhere else.

The Fittox gym is worth a visit just for the vibrant artwork and upholstery across the floor. Come and see it for yourself and partake in a boxing class or two.