Experience An Authentic Lebanese Bakery Thanks To Milo

During our travels around East Brunswick, we had several people tell us about how warm and welcoming the people were at Sesame n Soul and their words rang true as we visited Milo and his team.

Your name is?


Tell us first about the business.

This is a Lebanese bakery. We do pretty much the traditional Lebanese pastry you see everywhere but we specialise in a middle eastern bread called Kaake. It’s shaped like a handbag, everything is based around it.

How long have you been here?

For seven months.

And your background is Lebanese.

I’m a qualified chef, I’ve been in this industry for 12 years. Between bakeries, restaurants, catering company, receptions for weddings and stuff, and this is my first business. And I am doing this because no one does it in Victoria.

Obviously, you’ve opened your business in Brunswick East. What do you think of Brunswick East as an area?

It’s a great area man. Pretty much now I have developed a good relationship with most of the businesses around me. It’s cute you know everyone knows, everyone. I love it. I receive a lot of support from everywhere from everyone.

Well, we just came from the hairdressers across the street and they told us a little about you. So, have you found a few places that you like as well, you personally, any favourite spots? Food, drink, wine, just cool places to go?

Padre’s is a good place. I don’t go out a lot. I have a newborn so.

Oh congratulations! And you live in Brunswick?

I live in Greenvale.

Would I be coming here breakfast, lunch?

Breakfast, lunch we are doing a big renovation in a couple of weeks, moving the kitchen outside, exposing everything so we can let people see. Hopefully, we’ll open for dinner if I get some more help.

Fantastic, can you step us through how you make the Kaake?

You need an open faced oven because it takes a long time to rest and then when you rest it everything is handmade. We stretch it by hand let it rest again, bake it, let it rest again, that’s all.

The actual handle is that so you can carry it or hang it?

It’s been like for more than 100 years in Lebanon. The way they do it, they hang it.

So, it’s a functional thing?

Yes. They open the middle, it’s empty the middle, fill it with zatar and sumac and eat it like this. We developed the idea to put more fillings in it. Cheese chicken dessert, anything.

To try some authentic Lebanese baked goods, make sure you head down to Sesame n Soul for lunch or maybe even dinner eventually.