A Visit to the Spice Girls of Hairdressing

We stopped by Delilah Hair Studio and had a chat with Adrian Panayiotis who established this amazing space back in 2007. The staff self-describe as the Spice Girls of hairdressing, each bringing their own unique creativity to the hairdressing game.

This is your business?

What do you guys do here?
We are a hairdressing salon, and we’ve been here for 11 years.

How has East Brunswick changed in that 11 years?
Well, it hasn’t changed. I think this end is a great end of East Brunswick because it’s more
vibrant. It just seems like more community-based. I mean I love the whole of East Brunswick
but we sort of purposely chose this end because I feel like we’ve got CERES it’s a little bit
more organic. Lots of great locals you know what I mean. I feel like it’s the perfect end for

Do you have some favourite spots, hang out spots? Food drink, whatever you like.
I go to Sesame n Soul every day, I go to the Hellenic for a souvlaki. Get my wines from a bar
down the road. I go to Rewine for my olive oil and my vinegar and I go to the bottle shop for
gifts and stuff like that. To Castle for lunch sometimes. I just try to go everywhere. A good walk to CERES is always amazing.

Do u live in the area as well?
I live in Kensington. My parents grew up in Brunswick so then they had us and we moved to
Glenroy and then I moved outside for 10 years. And then when I wanted to come back and
open a business of my own, Brunswick was the first choice.

That’s great.
I feel it’s like part of the family. It’s an old auntie Brunswick.

Could you tell us a little more about the business itself?
So, Delilah is based on, well we a bit of everything, we don’t specialise. We are young and
old and try to cater to everyone which is what we like.

So even I can pop in here and get my hair done?
Absolutely yea!
We are very inclusive. We’re a place that likes to have fun. We focus more on education so
we’re always trying to progress. I am an educator myself in hairdressing. So fun, good work
and we will cater to everybody. We do lots of curly hair, lots of dry cuts.

What would you like to see different in the Brunswick East area?
I think it’s evolved into a really nice place. I think we just need to be careful, I think a slow
build is good. I love the area, I sort of welcome the new things going on, I mean I love seeing
the apartments go up, I think it brings more people to the area.

I live in the area, without apartments here I couldn’t afford to live here. But I love the
Yea, I welcome all the new things. I don’t see a problem with anything. I love that there are
some more places to eat so close because we are so busy in here, most of the time that I
never get to go to El Mirage and all those beautiful places because it’s not within walking
distance for our lunch.

I see quite a lot of hair places around the area but I do notice they’re all pretty unique. To me at first glance, it’s probably more of a hairdresser, it’s not a barbershop. It’s probably more inviting to anyone.
This is the reason why we moved here. Because when I first looked here 11 years ago there
were still a lot of salons but my thing was everyone was different, so there were a lot of salons
that cater to a lot of sorts of different people. But I felt there was room for us and a lot
more have popped up since then and there’s room for them too. There are some great
hairdressers in Australia, plus a lot of the work I see on this street is amazing.

What would you like to do next?
I’m looking for more staff actually. I don’t know what I want to do next.

How many staff do you have here because it is actually a pretty big area.
It’s a big space, we renovated two years ago. So, we use to be a lot smaller there were only
two hairdressers. I had the business with a business partner and I bought her out like three
years ago.

Whether you have an up and coming event, or you just want to stand out amongst people that stand out, Delilah hair studio is your next stop, Adrian or his best-suited staff member are going to work with you and you’ll walk out with feeling and looking fantastic.