A tailored look for the individual

We met Jorge Viota at his hair studio at 455 Lygon Street to discuss hairstyles, Brunswick and Brunswick people.

I’m a local of Brunswick, I’ve lived here for over 15 years. I just recently moved to Paskeville South but for 15 years I have lived and had a business in this area, I’m a Brunswickian.

Brunswick is an area of creatives, I love the fusion between the multicultural and the creatives, that is what makes it exciting for me because it attracts a lot of thinking people, artistic people and cultural people so that is why I have stayed in this area for this length of time.

Do you go out, brunch, eat, drink in the Brunswick area?
My first preference when I’m going to a cafe or restaurant is to go to one in the Brunswick Area, Good Days is a favourite, Code Black, Tom Phat, Postmistress Eatery is a new one in West Brunswick that has just opened.

I started this business with the purpose of making it different to all other hairdressing salons, this is an all organic, non-toxic shop. We don’t use any chemicals in our client’s hair, no chemicals in the building to clean, it’s all done with the attitude of being sustainable. This is the reason I wanted to open in Brunswick, this area has thinking people that are concerned with sustainability so this is where my market is.

Has it been a challenge to run a hair studio without the use of chemicals for hairdressing, styling and even the cleaning of the store?
Not really, the challenge was to educate at the very beginning. I have been doing this for 9 years now, the first 2-3 years was a challenge simply because the market didn’t know about it, they didn’t understand it. But the market has become more interested in health and wellbeing that is when people started looking for this alternative. The products that are available on the market now means there is no limits to what you can achieve in terms of hair when you are avoiding chemicals.


My clients are everyday people, If you are doing yoga, if you are doing pilates or you’re going to the gym, vegetarian and vegans, these were the first people I attract into the studio but outside of that there are interior designers, architects, doctors anybody that is into a lifestyle way of living, they’re also my clients. These people are looking for something better than average. Looking good is not a bad thing, there is an idea that if you take care of yourself you only care about the way you look, that isn’t true people are concerned about health and wellbeing your mental, physical and health.

At my studio Jorge Viota Hair Dressing we are looking to create fashionable and stylish looks for each individual, we are interested in the tailored look for the individual not so much what is currently trending. If you do like something that is a trend you will get it but we cater for everyone that wants to look good. We’re about interrelationship much like when you work with a designer, we ask lots of questions about you, so that we can design a look for you. It’s creating a relationship with your hairdresser, we like all our hairdressers to think about the idea of the customer saying “my hairdresser” lot’s of people say “my gym instruction” or “my doctor.” I’ve had some customers whose hair I have been cutting for 30 years.

There are lots of hairdressers in Brunswick but there are lots of pizza shops as well but people are still eating their pizza. The market for hairdressing is big, clients are smart they are looking for the best they can get for their money and it doesn’t bother me that there are lots of salons around because we all have our clients, some clients who get their haircut with me may not like the salon over the road and someone that goes over the road, they don’t like getting their hair cut here, because we don’t have that interrelationship.

If you are looking for a hairdresser to call “my hairdresser,” you are interested in updating your look but you are not sure what you want, we recommend making an appointment with Jorge or a member of his team. Expect to feel comfortable with talking about what you want and Jorge and his team will work with you to decide what is going to work for your style, your face and your hair type. 

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