Why Is Pope Joan Such A Local Institution?

Pope Joan has been a cornerstone of Brunswick East’s rich food and drinks culture for some time now as it continues to serve punters great food, sweet treats, daily specials and the best Bloody Mary in town.

I’m chatting with Elliott here from Pope Joan. How long have you been working here?

Probably 18 months.

And you’re a Brunswick local?

I lived in Brunswick East for nearly four years but I just moved to Carlton North.

What’s your take on the area, what do you love most about Brunswick East and Carlton as well?

It’s just got a nice feel to it. A nice cruisey feel. There’s enough bars, cafes..

Do you have a favourite?

Other than Pope Joan I go to a place it’s called El Mirage on Lygon Street a little bit. That place is always good I use to live nearby so it’s a pretty cool place. Yea a lot of little bars and stuff like that but not too busy so it’s got a good balance to it.

Last time I was here to Pope Joan it was so busy we had to turn around and leave. What makes this place so popular?

I think personally it’s a mix of the food the food is just delicious and it’s all seasonal produce. Fresh produce. And then it’s just the vibe of the place. I love working here because it’s just always fun the customers are always happy and it’s just a relaxed atmosphere that’s what I like about it.

I think sometimes you go to cafes and there isn’t that relaxed feel about it whereas this place we just have everything, we have food, coffee, beer, wine, cocktails we have a great outdoor area.

Has the outside area been here for a while?

I am not sure how long it’s been here but as long as I’ve been here it’s been like that.

Your co-worker Jenny said that you have got something coming up.

So, I’ve got a performance group that studied acting for three years we’re a performance group with two other people called The Very Good Looking Initiative. We make dark surreal comedy so we’re doing a show at The Comedy Festival called Let’s Get Practical! Live at The Malthouse theatre in Southbank. It runs from 10 to 22nd of April.

Awesome! We notice that going around Brunswick everyone is into arts, performance and music – it’s a real cultural hub.

There’s defiantly a lot of like-minded people around here and working here is good as well because you never know who you are going to meet, like you guys.

It has actually been a lot of fun getting to know a lot of the people in the area and I notice Pope Joan has that quintessential Brunswick vibe with the old knick-knacks and the rustic furniture and real down to earth people as well. Do you know much about these artefacts you have on the shelf here?

No, I think Matt who’s been here for seven years he has collected them, he’s a chef and into all that kind of stuff.

Great well, we’ll let you get back to your stuff. Thanks for your time.