What exactly is Sam peddling at Bikes Please?

To keep that blood pumping there are unsung heroes who toil every day to keep those two-wheeled beauties moving and one is Sam Winiata. We were lucky to catch him during his busy day where we asked him a few questions about his love for the suburb.

Chris: Your business is Bikes Please. Is it repairs?
Sam: We repair bikes, old and new, we also do custom builds so we build bikes from the frame up, so you come in, you choose a frame, give us a couple of specifics and then we build it up for you over a couple of days.

Chris: How long have you guys been doing this for?
Sam: This is our fourth summer so we’ll be four in November 2018.


The colourful frontage of Bikes Please. (Image credit: Facebook @bikesplease)


Chris: Can you see something like East Brunswick Village or further population growth helping you out?
Sam: 100% we’ve already seen it for sure. There’s been developments all around recently and people need to get around, naturally, lots of people are turning to bikes for sure.”

Chris: Are you a local, do you live around here?
Sam: I have lived in Brunswick for a lot of the time I have been here. I am actually from New Zealand but I have been here for about six years. Living in North Melbourne now.

Chris: So, you must like the area a little bit?
Sam: Yea I love Brunswick! Love its vibrancy, diversity, everything.

Chris: Do you spend a lot of time heading out to places to eat around here, bars?
Sam: Yea, sure thing! A lot of great cafes as well as restaurant, um yea too many to name.

Chris: Do you have a favourite?
Sam: Yea, Bar Idda is a good one. I believe they serve regional Italian, they’re really great.

Chris: Is this the space here (motioning to the workshop)?
Sam: This is it for the most part. We do have another work shop as well because once we finish up for the day we bring all the bikes in here so there’s no space to work on them in here so we have another workshop.

It’s not for the public but it’s about two blocks away. So, we can do our after-hours work down there.

Chris: What do you think we can add to the environment around here, the local community? Do you think there is anything missing?
Sam: I think it’s pretty well covered. Yea you have all your necessities.

Byron: Do you think there will be room to introduce some stuff that can encourage people or help people to ride bikes around a bit easier?
Sam: I say that’s pretty well covered. There’s a number of bike stores in Brunswick to start with but then also there’s a lot of pit stops along the bike paths where you can pump your tires and they have tools so you can fix things up and tweak things yourself. There’s a number of those, at least three that I can think of in Brunswick.

If you are in the area and do have an issue with your bike then pop in and see the lads from Bikes Please.