We love all things Italian

So obviously you work in Brunswick?
yes, yep!

How long have you worked in the area?
I worked here for about two years but I actually use to live here in Brunswick East I lived there for about two years, I love the area. I would probably move back if the rent was cheaper. But it’s a great area good selection of restaurant, there’s a good mix of like hippy type people then the older generation.

A lot of our customers live in the area as well. I love Brunswick East!

Do you have any specific places you like to go to for restaurants or bars?
Me and my partner we go next door a lot that’s a Thai restaurant and then I have been to 400 Gradi pizzeria.

There’s Gelo Bar there too, they make really good coffee there.

Do you prefer this side of Lygon Street or the other side?
Well, I think what they wanted to do here is they wanted to make it the new Italian section so if you have look across the road there is a lot of Italian restaurants popping up so that’s what I heard they were wanted to make this the new area. This is supposed to be the new Italian pocket.

What about infrastructure around here are you happy with that?
The train system is pretty good. You don’t really have to wait too long here for a tram, it brings you straight to the city. The only thing is there is a bit of congestion here because on the other side of Barkly Street if you want to cross over it tends to be a bit dangerous.

But the train line is perfect.

There’s not much you would change about the area?
Sometimes security. Sometimes I do get a little scared but I guess that’s normal in all neighbourhoods I’m assuming. It’s not too bad. But there’s nothing that’s happened while walking the street.

It’s a great area, I can’t really fault it!