Supporting local business helps reduce carbon miles

There are many good reasons why supporting our local businesses is important. It’s tough out there to survive as a business so supporting your locals is always appreciated. The extra benefit is you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. If you don’t have to travel as far, it means less car time and if what you buy is made locally there are fewer carbon miles attached to your purchase.

Some of our favourite local businesses are listed below and if you haven’t already, we’d highly recommend popping in and seeing what they have on offer.

Frames Readymade

A truly impressive local business that has all your framing needs covered. They have 1,000’s of frames in a wide selection of colours available for you to simply walk in, grab, pay and go.

The process is simple, quick and affordable. Bring in your artwork, photo, or poster, allowing the team to measure your goods and get you the frame you want.

The beauty of this, if you need something custom the team at Frame Ready Made can help you out by making you a custom frame for you. This process is also quick, and hassle-free.

This local family business is a staple of Brunswick and we wholeheartedly encourage you to visit the team and get all your framing needs handled by Frames Readymade.

Kindling Clothing

This is truly one of a kind store that is rarely seen these days, which is another reason why we all should be supporting Kindling Clothing.

Every piece of clothing has pockets, so if you are in need of that, look no further. I mean, who doesn’t love pockets, they are super handy for everyday living. All clothes are professionaly by a seamstress they know personally in Vietnam.

Kindling has recently moved and has a new home on Lygon Street, Brunswick East.

Visit to discover their latest clothing collection, an extensive mix of beautiful jewellery including Aacute, Middle Child and Dorkus Design, socks and tights by OK OK, and leather accessories by Oktoberdee.

It’s a cute store and you are bound to find something you’ll love.

Inner North Brewing Company

We just love this place as we believe it has all the essential ingredients that make up for a perfect brewery in Brunswick. The owners have an interesting take on what beer should be and are not afraid to experiment. This means you are always going to be presented with some interesting beer options.

For those non-beer drinkers don’t worry, Inner North Brewing company has a decent offering of wine, cider, spirits and cocktails to keep the buzz going.

This old converted warehouse is everything you would want and more, wooden furniture and a splash of greenery giving off that indoor beer garden vibe. It’s a pretty cool place. Important to note there is no kitchen (yet) so everyone is welcome to bring their own food or order from a local restaurant and have that delivered to your table.

So, if you are a beer lover and love to support the locals, head into Inner North Brewing Company for a fun day and/or night.

Patient Wolf Gin

The gin industry has exploded over the last 5 years and many new gins have entered the market, but none have had a reputation like Patient Wolf Gin. One of the best gins to come out of the explosion and the best thing about it, they are right on our doorstep.

The journey is best said by the owners, so rather than paraphrasing here’s a direct quote “we used our passion for craft and a bit of Dutch courage to research, discover, beg, steal, drink and learn from some of the best around the world. Building a plan was mixed with ‘tasting’ loads of Gin. (Then, on the next day, we re-wrote the plan). Now, a few years on, the hunger and patience has rewarded us with a considered creation made with purpose. Pretty unique.”

If you are a gin lover you have no doubt heard about Patient Wolf Gin, but if you are a newbie to the gin world, then we recommend you let Patient Wolf Gin be the gin of your choice.

Retrograde Furniture

At Retrograde Furniture they love wood and design more than most people, and the best part about them is that they are there to help create the perfect furniture piece for your home or work space. The designers will work closely with you to create a work of art that is functional, useful and will last a lifetime.

Retrograde Furniture is a Brunswick East based custom timber design workshop, specialising in creating timeless and functional pieces for home, work and play.

For those that are not wanting to create a unique piece of furniture, that’s also fine, as Retrograde Furniture has products that you can purchase; Dining Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Lounge Room. If you’re in need of any woody furniture, we highly recommend you support local and head to Retrograde Furniture.

These are only a handful of local stores in our beautiful suburb of Brunswick East. So support local where you can and help to keep Brunswick East alive and flourishing. If your are interested in living in a suburb with so many independently owned local businesses, register your interest in EBV today.

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