Site Progress


EBV is located on the west side of Nicholson Street, midblock between Albert Street to the north and Glenlyon Road to the south. The site has a 153 metre wide frontage to Nicholson Street and a 92 metre wide frontage to John Street. The site has access from Elm Grove, Gamble, John and Rickard Streets. The site has an area of approximately 3 hectares.

History of the Application

The sites were rezoned from Industrial to Business 1 & 2 Zone via Amendment C92 which was approved in January 2011. The sites were further rezoned as part of a state wide amendment VC 100 in July 2013 from Business 1 & 2 Zone, to a Commercial 1 Zone. Amendment C92 required the preparation of a Development Plan with a planning application to follow. The Development Plan was approved in October 2012. The Development Plan incorporates the:

  • Tontine – 127-139 Nicholson Street
  • Laundry – 141-194 Nicholson Street
  • Drop Forge buildings known as 96-100 John St and 2 Elm Grove.

Site plan

Upon the issue of the Development Plan approval, planning application MPS/2013/979 was lodged in December 2013 and approved in April 2015. This application involved developing 7 lots over two stages:

Stage 1 comprising lots 1,2 and 3, which was endorsed by council in August 2015, and

Stage 2 comprising lots 4,5,6 and 7.

Staging plan

Current applications before council

In June 2016 an application to amend stage 1 was lodged with City of Moreland with the changes sought relating to Lots 1 & 2 only.

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This application proposes a reconfiguration of the apartments on Lot 1 and 2 within their existing envelope.

Proposed changes include:

  • An overall increase in the number of dwellings from 293 to 308 (an increase of 15 dwellings);
  • An increase in the number of one bedroom dwellings from 138 to 216
  • A reduction in the number of two bedroom dwellings from 154 to 91;
  • Addition of roof gardens to both lots. As a result of creating a roof top garden, a 1.2 metre balustrade is required in order to comply with B.C.A requirements. The lift shaft will also be increased so as to create lift access to the garden roof top.
  • Alteration of the Lot 1 apartment lobby areas.
  • An increase in the total retail floor area from 4007 square metres to 4254 square metres (an increase of 247 square metres)
  • Amalgamation of two shops within Lot 1.

Alterations to the Lot 2 supermarket, including:

  • Relocation of the travellator to the north façade;
  • Reconfiguration of the supermarket floor layout and back of house areas; and
  • Reconfiguration of the basement layouts, including:
  • As a result of creating a roof top garden, and raising the Coles ground floor level by 1.4 metres, the overall building height will be increase by a total of 2.6 metres (1.2m for the balustrade and 1.4m for the Coles).
  • The lift shaft will also be increased so as to create lift access to the garden roof top.
  • An increase in car parking by 37 spaces;
  • An increase in bicycle parking by 44 spaces; and
  • An increase in storage spaces by 76
  • Realignment of ‘Main Street’ to reflect the changes made
  • In November 2017 amended plans were submitted to council in response to emerging market trends. The plans introduced significant new landscaping to facades and roof tops. The plans also introduce a new material palette with extensive use of brickwork. Additional 2 bedroom apartments have also been added.

There is no change to the approved access arrangements and there is no direct access from John Street to Nicholson Street.

As a result of the purchase of the Laundry site a request was made in August 2016 to the City of Moreland to amend the Development Plan to reflect the consolidation of the Laundry and Tontine sites. This amendment will affect the redesign of lots 3 & 4 and create new lots 8,9,10. We describe this stage as stage 3.

The amended Development Plan was removed by VCAT in November 2017. VCAT has directed the plan be approved with minor changes. A slightly revised Development Plan is to be submitted to council for approval. As part of the amendment of the Development Plan a planning application will be required.

A planning application for stage 3 was lodged in November 2016 incorporating the Laundry site and lots 3 & 4 which are part of the Tontine site. This part of the application will be known as stage 3. We are currently in discussion with council in relation to the overall building form, architecture and landscaping of this stage.

On 1 June 2018 an application to amend the existing permit MPS/2013/979 was made.

The application seeks to:

Expand the area where the permit applies to include the former Pacific Laundry site (stage 3)

Expand the basement to include stage 3

Construct three new buildings (Lots 8, 9 and 10)

Alter the form of Lots 3 and 4, and

Amend dwelling layouts in Lots 1 and 2 and include additional three-bedroom dwellings in lot 2. The changes to lot 1 and 2 have been made within the approved envelope.

The plans submitted have been amended to reflect various requests for further information by Council. The plans also reflect the modifications to the stair design for lot 4 and lobby entry to lot 9 on the east west link between Nicholson and Elm Grove. These changes reflect the November 2107 VCAT decision on the Amended Development Plan.

The plans submitted on 1 June 2018 represent the latest evolution of East Brunswick Village and will be considered by Council on 25 July 2018.

See link to the latest plan

Public Information Session

Ahead of Council’s UPC meeting on 25 July 2018 an information session is scheduled for 4 July between 5 PM and 6:30 PM at Temple Park Senior Citizens Centre located at 24 Grey Street Brunswick.

To inform local residents we have also posted notices on site providing details of the information session.

Our project planner, architect and traffic engineer will be there to answer any questions the community have in relation to the project.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Site works

Demolition commenced on 12 July 2016 and was substantially completed by late November 2016.

Remediation works commenced on 23 November 2017 which involved the piling of the perimeter of the site. Remediation to stage 1 works will be completed by Easter 2018.

HACER has been appointed as the builder for Lots 1 & 2 with construction commencing late April 2018.

Critical path as construction works will be updated in due course.