woman smiling in pilates class
Sculpting Bodies With Emily From Armature Pilates

Pilates has become a huge part of many people’s lives and now with millions of people across the world practicing it on a regular basis, it is only natural to spot a studio close to home in East Brunswick. Joseph Pilates himself would be proud to witness the good work of Armature and its staff and we chatted with teacher and French toast loving, Emily.

Your name is?


And we’ve caught you at Armature Pilates.

Yes, so like your arm and it means the structure of a system so here we are talking about the body as a system. Stephanie who owns the place her husband is also a sculptor. So it kinda refers to building a sculpture – Armature.

I notice you have a few shop fronts.

Yea I suppose there are three shop fronts here one of which was open late last so they have been here on Lygon street for at least 10 years and then slowly taking over into the different locations.

So, what is your role here?

So, I teach in studio work which is a one to four ratio. We work a lot with people who might have injuries or conditions, people who want a little more focused work. And we take them around and do individual programs with them in the studio there.

And I also teach large group classes. So, we might be doing just one apparatus and everyone is doing the same thing. So, it might be up to 18 people I’m teaching.

What’s it like working in Brunswick?

I love it! It’s close so it’s just like a five-minute drive. Everyone is super friendly, it’s got a nice vibe.

Do you have a favourite spot to get lunch or a cafe?

Yea it’s technically not Brunswick though in Coburg just near my place it’s called Ruby’s. It’s just a funky little art deco inspired, really cosy welcoming café. I like to go to every week and do a little crossword get my coffee.

What’s your go-to there?

Oh my gosh the savoury French toast so it’s like a sweet bread French toast, fried bacon and maple syrup. And flat white. So healthy ha ha!

So that’s your cheat day ha ha

If you would like to get loose with the good people at Armature Pilates then give them a bell on (03) 9381 4044