Pie Expert Tom Shows Us What’s Really Cooking Nearby

Your name?

Tom Richards

This is a very cute store you have here, The Pie Shop. How long has it been in business?

It has been about a year since it’s been Pie Shop and before that, it was a deli called Hams & Bacon.

Do you cook everything yourself, is everything done in-house?

Yea, we have all the guys here, that’s the pie cooker right there. That’s where we grow the magic in. We make our own pastry.

You live in Brunswick area, whereabouts do you live?

I’m in Preston so pretty close.

I’d imagine you spend a bit of time in Brunswick.

A lot of time. Back and forth here all the time.

Do you have some favourite spots to drink at, get food, relax, some places you frequently visit?

The pub up the road, The Lomond. Solid pub! Like a classic pub. It’s good stuff. There are not that many good pubs.

It’s not trying to be anything fancy it’s just a great watering hole. Yea, you know exactly what you are getting, it’s a good place.

What are some of the things that you’ve seen change over your time here? Like attitudes likes and dislikes in the area. Preferences for food even.

Nicholson is changing real quick. Like sometimes when you are driving down it’s like two big gates, you know like apartments just going up and up and up and that is a great thing. People have to live somewhere but there’s been a real, real quick turn over happening.

Would you say there is something in particular that you’d like to change? Maybe something you’re not so happy about?

I would like to see a few more meeting spots. There are a lot of other things people could be doing that can be really cool. Sydney road has a bustling hub and that’s awesome but there are people moving over here.

And I’d like to see more people like Triple R is right there, it’s this awesome cool old thing, it’s an institute it’s Triple R. Yea more meet spots.

Great, well it was lovely chatting with you. Might come by another time and actually have some pie.

Yea of course. Do it!

If you were feeling a little peckish then try one of The Pie Shop’s warmly titled pies including The Shazza or The Norma.