Our Favourite East Brunswick Artists

East Brunswick is home to some of the best artists Melbourne has to offer. Ahead of our upcoming ‘Conversations’ evenings which will be staged in the EBV display suite, we’re highlighting the art and creativity of the artists we are working with, whose work we have implemented at each level of EBV.


Al Stark

Al Stark is a well renowned Australian artist and especially regarded around East Brunswick where many of his street art pieces are on display. We commissioned Al to paint the 30 metres of hoarding that surrounds the EBV site in progress. We will install the best panels permanently in key areas throughout the development once the hoarding is complete, for all future residents to enjoy.

“They’ve given me this great big wall on a big grey street, so I’m going to do some eye crime; I’m going to blind people with colour. The mural is 30-metres long, and at the moment it’s on the hoarding at Nicholson Street, so it’s visible to passersby. It has land marked the site and put it in people’s consciousness; eventually, it’s going to be a permanent part of the public art collection at EBV.” – Al Stark, painter,  tattooist, and street artist


Will Heathcote

During the excavation of the site we pulled up 30,000m3 of solid bluestone rock at the site. Most of this blue stone was saved and cut down to use as pavers at EBV. Whilst doing the dig we were enamored with some very big boulders and wanted to utilise these natural beauties at EBV.

Will Heathcote took on the boulder challenge and we have been humbled by the size and grace of the work that he has made. One of our favorite pieces is the gilded gold boulder at the entrance, which can be seen as you come into the development.


“Basalt, or bluestone, forms a large part of the material makeup of the landscape of Melbourne’s inner north. I’m intrigued by the way volcanic rock – basalt – that was formed millions of years ago is now being utilised to inform the architecture of this city. At EBV, I’m working with the basalt that’s been extracted from the site. A lot of it is being milled up and turned into pavers for the village; I’m gilding a large raw fragment in 24-carat gold leaf. I’m also taking molds from the site, and casting smaller sculptural pieces that will be part of the development’s display suite stage. I’m taking and recreating impressions of a place working with geological material and formations from the location itself. – Will Heathcote, sculptor


John Aslanidis

John Alanidis is known for his installation painting through Australia and abroad. We have commissioned John to help bring our display suite feature wall to life through his Sonic Network series, his dynamic and meticulous work evoke a sense of ore and wonder.


“My paintings occupy a space between sound and vision. This interdisciplinary approach has a correlation with music, mathematics, and science” – John Aslanidis Instagram


John Aslanidis piece below is featured in our display suite feature wall.


Tricky Walsh

At EBV we’ve launched a cafe, Chapt Two operated independently. This new cafe features Tricky Walsh paintings adorning the wall.


“Tricky Walsh’s projects focus on both spatial and communication concerns in an increasingly speculative manner and while they use a diversity of media (architecture, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, sound, film, comics, radio) it is foremost the concept at hand that determines which form of material experimentation occurs within these broader themes.” – Tricky Walsh Website.- https://www.trickywalsh.com/


We are looking forward to introducing local community artists works to feature in the cafe in the coming months and changing the artwork every 3 months to ensure that there is always something different to look while guests enjoy their morning coffee.


Ceramic Co Op

We have provided the Ceramic Co Op with complimentary shipping containers to use as their studio and shop space while EBV is being built. Stop by and see what they’re doing, have a chat to the artists about the process and pick yourself up some locally made ceramics!

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