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Noisy Ritual Winery

When most people think of wineries, they probably think of a rustic vineyard in the country with rows of grape vines, but Noisy Ritual is not your traditional winery. They have taken the winemaker’s craft out of the country and brought it into the inner city, where anyone can come along and make their own wine using grapes sourced from local Victorian vineyards to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

Noisy Ritual is an urban winery in Brunswick and even for those of us in which visiting a winery is a regular occurrence you probably have never had an experience like this before. Originally founded by Cam and Alex only a few years ago, and like a lot of good ideas, this one started in someone’s basement, when owners Cam and Alex found an old grape fermenter. ‘We went out and bought half a tonne of grapes, invited some friends over, took off our shoes and started stomping.’

We barrelled up the juice; it only took a couple of weeks to ferment, and then bottled up everyone’s wine and shared it around a couple months later. Before we knew it, we had 50 people lined up wanting to be part of our next session and we realised we had a really cool business idea.

It’s about bringing wine making to the people, as well as an appreciation from getting your hands dirty; by picking the leaves and twigs out from the grapes, stomping on the grapes and getting to press all the juice out from the grapes yourself.

We sat down with Kate who started things of with wine…

Firstly, would you like a red?

Kate Akins’ story at Noisy Ritual actually started last year when she ended up working at the Noisy Ritual for a bit of extra cash. Kate applied to a supervisor position that came up because she enjoyed working with people and being social as it made it feel not so much like work. ‘People come here to come and hangout with their mates, drink some wine, eat some cheese and that is pretty much my life’ Kate said.
Kate got the supervisory role and late last year and absolutely loves it, she loves the regulars, the functions they put on, such as weddings, and how she is able to be a part of one of that person’s most memorable days in their life. People love the venue at Noisy Ritual because it’s quiet, it’s a multi-use space and they are not too fussy as they can do both weddings and casual vibes really well; which is a uniquely different feature that stands out from other bars.

‘Cam and Alex are all about making the place approachable to people.’ It’s definitely a time now where people are more community focused, it’s not like the 80’s where it’s all global and everyone want the same things; ‘there’s been a complete 180 where people want to know more about where their food has come from.’ What’s interesting about the Noisy Ritual is that it is a winery, but it’s not.

I get to make my own wine?

Noisy Ritual also offers memberships, which allows them to ‘come along and do the 2 wine -making workshops. They get to stomp on the grapes and barrel up the wine, and then in November, they get to come and have a have a massive party where all the members are invited to start bottling up the wine.

There is a little assembly line where one person is bottling it, one person corking, 1 person dipping it in wax and the last person in the line labelling it. You get to bottle up a couple thousand bottles during the day and then have a big party in the afternoon/evening. There are bands, people bring their mates along, and a lot of the time, people who are walking join in the party it is a celebration of the whole process.

You do have to be patient while the wine is aging in the barrel, ‘But there is the great reward at the end of it; you get a big party, you get to drink the wine you created, you can be proud of the work that you’ve done and be like “Yeah, my feet are in that wine.”’ It’s not just about getting that end product, but actually participating in it and being a part of it is really special and interesting.

What if you just walk in?

Kate feels like the menu they have and their set-up is approachable, as there is usually something for everyone and it’s not too intimidating. People are free to can ask questions, Kate and the staff are happy to help work out what people will like.

If you are not a member, you don’t get to make the wine yourself but you can still enjoy it. As they are an open bar to the public, you can still have whatever drinks off the menu that you would like, whether that be wine, beer, soft drinks, cider or any of the foods on offer.

As Noisy Ritual Winery has very relaxed vibes and a humble feeling. It’s a warming place open to anyone who wants to have a drink or hangout. Inside you are surrounded by actual winemaking equipment, and being urban, Noisy Ritual brewery brings the production into a local environment for a memorable experience. It is the perfect place for any sort of function as the space is flexible and fully able to accommodate into whatever you want it to be.