Meet Hannah from Bee Sustainable

These days, sustainable food has become an important part of many people’s lives, particularly Brunswick East residents. Bee Sustainable promotes people having a closer relationship with their food and is the place to go if you’re keen to better understand beekeeping, cheese making, food preserving, baking and setting you on the path of garden to kitchen. We spoke with Hannah who is an enthusiast in this area and an employee of Bee Sustainable.

I’m Hannah

So, you work here at Bee Sustainable?


Tell us a little about Bee Sustainable.

I’ve been here for four years and primarily it is a bee keeping supply shop but we also do food, do it yourself food production, equipment and we do bread making, cheese making, fermentation, preserving and we have got lots of beautiful fresh honey as well.

Obviously to work here you must have a personal interest in that sort stuff yourself. Can you tell us a little about your personal interest in it?

Yea, I started off with an interest in bread making, so I came and did a sourdough bread making workshop and then I spoke to Rob and I was looking for some part time work so I asked if there was any available and that’s how I ended up here. Then I got an interest in bees after that. Probably a year later worked my way up to having my own bee hive and then I got hooked on playing with bee’s wax because we make all these beautiful bee’s wax products, candles and all the lip balms and stuff.

They look amazing! I am about to go home to see my mum, so I’ll have to pop by and get her a gift. It will be perfect.

You guys have had a special date that has come and gone apparently?

Yes, yesterday or today is the seven-year anniversary.

And the store has always been in this location?

Yes, in this spot.

And are you a local?

Yes, I’m a local as well. I used to live in the street behind the shop.

So, Brunswick East do you want to give us a bit of a low down on what you reckon about Brunswick East.

It’s got lots of little surprises. It’s got these pockets that you don’t realise are there, it’s not as flashy as Fitzroy or not quite as grimy as Collingwood but it’s still got its own little edge. But there’s also a lot of families here and old established Italian and Greek families who still have businesses around. So, you’ve still got the hardware shop down the road or just up here there is the people that make curtains and blinds.

Do you have a favourite place around other than obviously here?
Yea, I love going to CERES the environment park and to Milkwood is a great café.

We’ve found the best way to find stuff has been, someone says to us, “You’ve got to go here. You’ve got to talk to these people. These people are great, like tell them I sent you.”

Yea, great!

I also wanted to talk to you about the bread and oats.

Yea so we stock biodynamic, organic oats and grain that we mill and we mill the grain into flour and then we roll, we can roll the oats for porridge or muesli or whatever so we just do that on the spot with the mills that we have in the shop