Meet friendly Brunswick local Roz

Wandering down Albert street we bumped into friendly faced Brunswick local Roz who was more than happy to have a chat with us and give us the scoop on her hood.

Byron: Hi Roz, lovely to meet you let’s start by asking, are you a local?
Roz: Yes, I have been living in Brunswick since 2009

Byron: Fantastic and what do you love about Brunswick?
Roz: I love the amenities, great public transport, close to everything close to town. I work from home but I need to be in town as well. I’m a barrister, immigration lawyer, I see clients in town but I do the bulk of my work here. It’s a nice community, this area is still a bit edgy, it’s not as gentrified as say North Carlton where I used to live and it’s developing which is good.

Byron: So do you have a favourite cafe or place you like to visit?
Roz: I love coming right here to Ten Tables, Pope Joan is another favourite, there is such a choice of restaurants down here but there is no particular favourite.

(Image credit: Instagram @popejoan)

Byron: So Ten Tables is your go-to for coffee, how do you take your coffee?
Roz: Haha, skinny cap. The pace of change here can happen a little too quickly sometimes, but I’m all for the East Brunswick Village, I think it will increase amenity and also will get rid of some of those ugly factories.

(Image credit: Instagram @tentablesmelbs)

Chris: You would have seen this whole area develop?
Roz: Yes, this building next to us used to be a men’s clothing factory. It was just a warehouse and you could buy clothes.

Byron: We will let you get back to your day, thanks so much for letting us take up some of your time and enjoy this sunshine.