Meet El Mirage’s Baristing Extraordinaire – Tosh

After a morning hanging out in Brunswick we stopped for a coffee, poached eggs and smashed avo at El Mirage where we were lucky to be served by local Brunswick legend Tosh.

Hi mate, please introduce yourself?

My name’s Tosh, I’m a Brunswick local, I have just recently moved up near Maccas. I’m now living in a big old Brunswick style two story crib, sharing the place with four people it’s a great vibe.

Seems you are really loving Brunswick, could you share with us what’s so great about the area?

I think the people, the people are real man. I used to live and work down on Chapel Street and compared to making coffees there, the vibe from the Brunswick people is just different. I feel like here a have real conversation with our customers.

So you are working here at El Mirage what is your role here?

I have been Baristing and I have just been stepped up to Manager.

What kind of clientele does El Mirage get?

Like with Brunswick it’s real people, I get to know our customers it’s a real community vibe you could be walking around the area and a customer will pull you up to have a chat.

I know it’s hard to pick one, but do you have a favourite spot to have a drink or a meal?

Uncle Joe’s, just down the road from here or Mr Wilkinson. I’ll love to stop at Uncle Joe’s they have plenty of beers and sometimes I’ll even have a G&T. Also if I feel like a craft brew I head down to Thunder (Thunder Road Brewing).

So I know you love Brunswick, but is there anything you would like to see change or anything you want to see more of in the area?

Maybe more art, there is heaps of graffiti and stuff, but it would be nice to see more art by proper artists doing murals more commissioned work.

Thanks heaps Tosh, as you love your art, do you recommend any art studios we should visit after here?

There are heaps of artists that come in here, there are some studios right here on Victoria street, you can hold your breath and get there!