Local craft beer… tell me more.

Chatting with our good friend Kyle from The Alehouse Project.

Afternoon, could you please introduce yourself?
I’m Kyle Campbell, I am a local and have lived in Brunswick for three years this year.

Obviously, you like Brunswick, tell us why it’s so great to you.
Yes, there is the lifestyle angle to it, if I wake up early you’ve got stacks of cafes to choose from, there is a lot of nightlife whether I choose for it to be kinda rowdy or if I want something quiet or relaxed, you’ve got options.

Could you give us a couple of examples, a rowdy night spot and somewhere more relaxed?
A lot of Lygon Street is more that intimate experience, you’ve got Bouvier which has wine or Mr Wilkinson which has great cocktails but then you have The Brunny Hotel (The Brunswick Hotel) as the opposite end of the spectrum. You can go in and see metal gigs there.

Brunswick is like a mecca for songwriters in Melbourne, there must be a lot of places to go to check out live music?
Some of the best are probably Spotted Mallard, you’ve got Howler just over by the train tracks, the Brunny, it gets in a very varied section of music but it’s where a lot of guys who are up and coming will go to, it’s a good place to discover new music.

What kind of crowd do you have coming through The Alehouse?
We get all sorts, craft beer is no longer as stigmatised as being this high profile, wanky thing. So we get in a really good crowd, we try not to play up to that “We know so much about beer.” We want to be inclusive of everyone.

Do you have many local beers?
Yeah, at the moment we have a sour theme, a bunch of Tassie stuff a bunch of Vic, but we rotate through everything, so usually we get the best beer from the surrounding states just through sheer freshness it only has to travel a few hundred Ks. However it doesn’t stop us pulling in international beers as well.

What about yourself what kind of beer do you enjoy?
I’m all across the board, I like to drink all the weird and wonderful craft beers. At the moment I’m all about the sours, I’ve been drinking this Bridge Road Brewers (VIC) Zing which is an 18 Month Barrel Aged sour IPA. It’s unusual because IPAs are normally drunk fresh, when you age them all of the hops drop out.

Next door I see you guys have a kitchen…
Yes, that’s still our kitchen, we serve standard pub fare, good burgers, parmas & steak sandwiches. We also want to have a reputation as a place you can come and watch sport, but you don’t have to, it’s on if it interests if not you can still come in and just enjoy some beers.

Whether you are a craft beer lover or just enjoy a good beer & some good pub food, stop by The Alehouse Project, get a feed, watch some sport if that’s your thing or even shoot some pool. The Alehouse is located 98-100 Lygon st Brunswick East.