Interior Design: How Colour Affects Our Emotions


Colour is a powerful communication tool that can dramatically affect our emotions, influencing the way we feel and behave when in their presence.

Have you just moved out? Maybe into a new apartment or house? Choosing the right style and colour scheme for your home can be tricky.

So where do you start? Firstly, think about how certain colours make you feel. Which colours do you feel you connect with the most? Colours affect everyone differently for a multitude of reasons. Age, heritage, religion and personality all have a role to play in how we perceive colours.

So that you can better choose the colour scheme for your home, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favourite colours and the powerful emotions they can evoke.


Blue makes you feel calm

Blue is a crowd favourite amongst both men and women. Studies have shown that blue often reflects feelings of tranquillity and peacefulness when displayed throughout a home. This non-confrontational colour makes for a favourable choice in the bedroom, as it’s believed to influence a deeper sleep and fight problems like insomnia.

Blue is often showcased through kids’ rooms as it helps to diffuse hyperactivity and in-turn inspires focus and creativity instead.

Whether you’re working with bold blues, bright turquoise or pastel baby blues, there’s a place for every shade of blue in your home. However, we recommend using softer shades of blue in your main rooms, as deep blue can sometimes evoke feelings of sadness or detachment. It’s better to feature these deep blues in smaller doses throughout your decor instead.


Sage makes you feel more connected to nature

Sage is an incredibly versatile colour that can work in just about any room of the house.

Why sage? This soft, peaceful colour often gives off a sense of tranquillity due to its strong connection to nature. If you’ve recently found a new love for plants, then what better way to compliment that than with a soft, soothing colour such as sage?

This subtle colour allows you to accessorise with a bolder colour scheme throughout your bedroom decor, without drawing too much attention. Instead, it works to give off a friendly and inviting ambience, evoking feelings of pleasure in both you and your guests.

For a space rich in nature, pair your green walls or furnishings with indoor houseplants or herbs, further reducing your stress levels, whilst simultaneously improving and purifying the quality of your air.

If you think that this colour scheme is the perfect fit for you, we suggest taking a look at some of the best indoor plants that would help to complement your space.


Neutral colours allow you to style with ease

Neutral colours (such as white, grey and black) are dependable, versatile and gloriously subtle. The flexibility of neutral tones allows you to style with ease, without the worry of introducing conflicting colours.

It may seem a little dull to opt for a neutral colour scheme over bold. However, if you’re still unsure of your colour choice, a neutral colour palette is a great starting point. To liven up your space you can always implement bold colour choices throughout your decor instead (which is a lot easier to change around).

Starting with a neutral colour palette instead of bold statement colours means that you will be able to furnish the rest of your house with colours of your choosing, without the added risk of adding too many colours into your room. Too many colours can often create a cluttered and chaotic feel, making the room feel more closed off rather than open and welcoming.

In saying that, don’t be frightened to play with colour. If you go for too neutral a colour scheme, you may end up creating a negative space that you’ll have difficulty connecting with. Be sure to add your favourite colours throughout to add personality and life to your home.


Orange encourages you to feel joy

Orange is a joyful colour. It immediately makes you feel welcomed into space and increases feelings of sociability and connection amongst a group of people.

Orange is energising and generally makes you feel lighter and happier, which in turn makes you feel as though you’re having more fun. This is why it’s often used within gyms, as it creates a ripple effect of excitement throughout a group, boosting both your energy and mood.

A deeper orange (like terracotta) is a great alternative if you’re wanting to diffuse the boldness of orange without losing the warm, energetic feel that you get from it.

Terracotta is an extremely versatile colour that allows you to decorate with ease. Whether you’re creating a bohemian feel or going for something a little more sleek and modern, terracotta will work in any situation.


Yellow creates feelings of happiness

If you’re wanting to create a bright and happy space that boosts your energy and inspires a cheerful attitude, then yellow is the perfect choice for you.

Yellow is an attention-grabbing colour. Your eyes are instantaneously drawn to yellow, making it the perfect statement colour for any room you’re wanting to add a little energy too.

Where does most of the sunshine hit in your home? We recommend painting that wall yellow! Yellow helps to further brighten a room and create a more open, spacious feeling in your home, similarly to the effect that white walls have with added warmth.

However, yellow is perceived differently by everyone. Some people feel as though it creates feelings of excitement and warmth, whilst other people can often view it as obnoxious and irritating when surrounded by it.

It’s important to remember that these feelings are unique to every individual, so if you love yellow then go for it! However, if you feel as though this may overwhelm you or your space, opt for yellow furnishings, such as a chair or painting as an alternative.


Red increases your energy levels

Red is often viewed as intense – quickly raising a room’s energy levels. If you’re truly wanting to build excitement within your home and stir up conversation, then red is the perfect choice for achieving this.

In its presence, red often makes you feel more powerful and aids in boosting your confidence. For a truly attention-grabbing room, there’s nothing quite like the power of red.

Whilst this is a highly controversial colour in terms of what emotions it can often evoke, it’s not a colour that is taken lightly. This bold colour choice definitely knows how to make a statement, so be sure to think long and hard about whether red is the right choice for you.

We hope after reading this you’re got a better grasp on which colour palette you’d like to feature throughout your home. We’d love to hear your suggestions and thoughts on these. Leave a comment below and let us know what your favourite colour is and why!

Once this decision has been made, it’s time to move on to the really fun part, styling your apartment!

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