Hit the greens with local bowls gun Matthew

We stopped by the local Brunswick Bowling Club (BBC) to see who was hitting the greens and we were lucky to chat with BBC legend Matthew Harrison.

Byron: Matthew, I know you are a local, how long have you lived in Brunswick?

Matthew: I have lived in Brunswick for 17 years!

Byron: What do you love about Brunswick?

Matthew: What’s not to like, the sporting facilities, the pubs, the restaurants, the bars, close to transport and close to the city.

Byron: And where is your local watering hole?

Matthew: That would be The Lomond.

Start your day in Brunswick the right way. (Image credit: John Young)

Byron: What’s great about The Lomond Hotel?

Matthew: Once again, makes you feel welcome, local community, I know a lot of people there.

Byron: I have to ask, what do you normally drink there?

Matthew: If they have Coopers on tap, I’ll normally drink that but I’ll normally drink a cider or the Stopping Ground Pale Ale that they have had in the past.

Byron: We’ve caught you today rolling up at the bowling club, give us a quick take on what’s the bowling club like?

Matthew: Great! Once again local community, people you know, every time you come down you see someone that’s friendly, I’ve become friends with lots of people here, plus it’s good to get out, get some exercise and a bit of fresh air.

Chris: With the future of Brunswick, what would you like to see happen or see more of.

Matthew: Just to keep going with the parklands and keeping them for the kids, I’ve got a young seven year old, so to have parkland, recreation and playgrounds is also important.

Byron: In the time you have lived here you would have certainly seen some changes, what major changes have you noticed in the area.

Matthew: More apartments, I’m an apartment owner and the new apartments have allowed me to get into the area, by having more apartments it has helped with the cost of living.

The apartments that have gone up around has certainly been the change, but we need it to allow people to live in the area rather than living out in the burbs.

Byron: We will leave you to your roll up, better get practicing for this weekend’s big game. Thanks for having a chat with us.

The Brunswick Bowling Club is a happening community center, it’s great for members who take bowls seriously but also it’s bustling most evenings with barefoot bowlers who enjoy a drink and a bit of fun on the greens. It’s also a great venue for corporate hire, hens parties or just a chance to get outdoors with a beer and a few ends of bowls.