Framing the Brunswick art scene with Kit

Brunswick East boasts a thriving creative community including songwriters, sculptors and painters each with their own style, vibrancy and storytelling flair. When it comes to the end product somebody needs to add that finishing touch and if it’s a drawing or painting then Kit Harvey and his team at Frames Ready Made are the people to see.

Kit recently helped us bring to light the business’s long tenure in the area and its community and family focussed attitude.

Byron: Kit, you’re a Brunswick local?
Kit: Well, we’ve certainly worked in this area for a long time – my family and I.

Byron: So, it’s a family business?
Kit: Yep, certainly is, started in 1985.

Byron: How has the business changed?
Kit: Brunswick has probably changed in accordance to how Melbourne has changed. Melbourne has become more of a cosmopolitan city over the years and that has certainly in particular been in the last five to ten years been reflected in Brunswick East.

On a personal level our business has adapted to these changes, we’ve moved from a wholesale, factory manufacturing background, we still make all our frames here in East Brunswick but we’ve changed to a more local retail focus, direct to the public.

Byron: There’s obviously a lot of local artists in Brunswick which aligns very well with what you guys do.
Kit: A large percentage of our customers are local artists and we try and help them by offering an exhibition and on selling artist discounts as well. So, that kind of feeds all into each other and it works out that artists and word of mouth in the artist community certainly helps us.

The warehouse on Lygon street.

Byron: How many people are working here?
Kit: We’ve got a fairly fluid staff number of eight to ten.

Byron: Do you have a favourite spot in Brunswick? Something you like, something you like to eat or drink?
Kit: I reckon Uncle Joe’s, the bar up the road, it’s a new wine bar and my favourite place to have a wine.

Byron: What’s your go to? Red or white?
Kit: I like Rose actually. I like to buck the trend of heavy reds.

Chris: A Carlton supporter?
Kit: Yea, definitely. I think a lot of people in Brunswick are Carlton supporters – the inner north. It’s a bit of a heart land.


(Image credit: Instagram @framesreadymade)


The warehouse of Frames Ready Made is filled with art and of course a myriad of different frames and accessories. If you plan on visiting the massive warehouse you may want to set aside a good half hour or maybe a full hour if you plan on chatting with the staff as they are all super friendly and super chatty.