Cycling is a huge part of our community just ask Garry!

Are you a Brunswick local?
I live in North Fitzroy.

Your business here is obviously family bikes.
Yep, family bikes cargo bikes and electric bikes.

That’s got to pretty fit very well into Brunswick.
Well, with all the developments going up around here, that’s the plan. The roads are slowing up on the weekend so you get people on bikes, it gets them moving.

How long have you been in the industry for?
7 years

What’s unique about your bike shop as it’s definitely different to other bike shops.
What we sell is purely cargo or electric. So, cargo means bikes that carry kids, family, dogs, goods for business so deliveries and they are either that type of bike or they’re electric bikes. We don’t sell mountain bikes they are all just those two categories.

As for Brunswick itself do you get out into the area much? Do you have a favourite café or bar anything like that?
Not really there is so much choice.

Ride bikes yourself?
Yea. I do and it’s a good solution for local transport.

What would you like to see more of in Brunswick?
For a self-interest point of view, better cycling infrastructure.

Cargocycles have probably largest cargo bike store in the world with a huge range of bikes and trikes on the floor. If you like riding with a partner or buddy, then this is the place to go.