Carlton members
pre-release opportunity

East Brunswick Village (EBV) is excited to announce a partnership with the Carlton Football Club and renowned home appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, at our newest address, Bluestone Way.

Like the rest of EBV, Bluestone Way has been designed with liveability, sustainability and community in mind and has been founded on the theme of wellness.

The apartments have a 7.5-star average rating with NatHERS, they achieve an Operational Carbon Neutral Building status and will have no net negative impact on the environment.

Residents will share in over 2,300spm of private green spaces on permaculturally-designed rooftops with meditation & yoga spaces, outdoor productivity pods, walking loops, BBQ and more.

Connect with your neighbours and meet like-minded people through the EBV Social Club where you can join the book, movie, veggie, bee or cooking clubs. 

Information about Bluestone Way is yet to be released to the general public so to find out more REGISTER NOW!