Care For a Hot Toddy With Adam From Bouvier Bar?

After living in Oslo for about six years, working in cocktail bars there, Adam from Bouvier Bar moved back to Melbourne and East Brunswick has become his latest stomping ground.

He has been with the venue for three and a half months, and before there he was on Sydney Road at a place called Tom Phat, running the bar. We spoke to him about his journey and passion for all things syrupy and alcoholic.

So you clearly have a passion for cocktail making?

Yeah, definitely when, when I am here I normally drive that side of things.

Do you live in Brunswick?

I live in North Fitzroy so not too far, I think Brunswick has had the food culture a little longer and wine bars.

Tell me about your cocktails

With cocktails, I try my best to make as many fresh syrups as I can. It gives me more of an angle, when I was working at a good cocktail bar in Oslo I learned a lot about that creative side where you make everything yourself, everything is fresh and you don’t buy that shit. So you can be more creative with that, so when it comes to serving people we do have a cocktail menu, we do a lot of classics but I also like to do a style which is called in a way a bartenders choice.

I asked people what flavours they are wanting like if that want something fresh and citrus or stirred and boozy and bitter or sweet or sour, then working out what alcohol preference they like or if they have allergies. I find for me, I get a lot more satisfaction because I often feel for people looking at a menu it’s a bit daunting, they may only know one or two of the ingredients but maybe not one of the others.

Have you had a chance to explore the area, what do you like around here?

Yeah, I have, I love going to Eydie’s. I love this street as I find it is quite a close vibe between the venues, we get a lot of people that work at Bar Idda, Eydie’s and all the places around here, they come in when they are done, because we are open until 3am on the weekend, they come in have a quiet drink and have a chat, they love that kinda style and we love that.

So I find that on this street everyone knows each other, we’re friendly and the customer service on this street is different to other areas of Melbourne, it’s a bit more personal focused.

Winter has sort of poked its head out today, what sort of drinks do you like making for the colder months.

Yeah, one of my favourite wintery drinks is making a like a hot toddy, I like to experiment with tea with hot toddies with brandy or whisky a little bit of honey and I made some tea syrups last year. I love a hot buttered rum also, and not just hot drinks, it’s also a time for some more stirred drinks, general types of Manhattan’s or old fashioned variations stuff like that. It’s good winter style, with less citrus going on and I doubt I will be shaking as many cocktails in winter.

Can you talk about the rest of the offering?

Yes, so starting with food a lot of the idea with the menu is the food that our owner Adrian loves, he has a bit of an Italian heritage, he spent a lot of time in Malaysia when he was younger and he is also into meat. So when you look at the food you sort of think bar plus, so we think around here we are unique when it comes to being a bar that sort of offers food that you would have with wine or a cocktail.

It’s a lot of variation a lot of people like to share, the most popular at the moment would be the steak frites, the meat is coming from La Luna our owner’s other venue in Carlton.

It’s a beautiful piece of rump steak that we only cook medium rare, the pig’s ear is also another really popular one people want to try if they have not had it before, smoked salmon that we smoke ourselves and then there is the meatballs the flavour is great and a few other things.

We have a wine selection that we work with La Luna with, the beer we have a selection on tap and we have a lot in the fridge. Bicycle beer from around the corner and a few other Melbourne craft beers.