Barbers of Brunswick

Barbering has made a massive comeback in the passed five years, the days of men going for a quick $10 short back and sides is in the past. Beards, undercuts, fades and pompadours are on trend and men have embraced grooming as part of their everyday style.

Fitzroy, Collingwood, Windsor and Richmond all Melbourne locations with a reputation for Men sporting tattoos, beards, fresh fades and a slicked back pompadour but Brunswick holds its own when it comes to unique style.

With influence from the 90s, flannelette shirts, caps, slogan shirts, fedoras, military jackets and even a rock grunge influence, Brunswick’s style is really about standing out amongst those who stand out and above all be yourself.

Brunswick must have the most visited Savers and Vinnies stores in the country. Brunswick locals are often conscious of sustainability even when fashion is involved and giving new life to someone’s unwanted clothes is definitely on our list.

Brunswick also has its share of men’s fashion retailers. I will make special mention Dejour Jeans on Sydney road because as jeans go, Melbournians far and wide travel to get their tailored jeans here. But we’re getting side tracked, back to men’s grooming.

When it come to hairdressing in Brunswick you can really take your pick, their are some fantastic hair studios around including two we have already visited, Stach Hair and Delilah Hair Studio. It would also be unfair not to mention that along with delicious Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi cuisine found in the Middle Eastern district of Sydney road, the Middle Eastern peoples of Brunswick carry a strong barbering culture and a blog covering this area of Brunswick is long overdue.

Barbers of Brunswick is a modern barber shop that honors the old craft of men’s grooming. A visit to this barber shop isn’t just about the end result, it’s about the experience. When you walk in you will be greeted by brick and leather walls, concrete wash basins, hardwood benches and a painted wall mural, which pays homage to classic barbering. The shop is masculine but refined with a communal atmosphere which includes a cafe lounge area and importantly a selection of whisky.

When it comes to services, you have four options. Tapered Clip, this is your cheapest option, it’s single length for those of us who just want the practical cut. Vintage Shave, this is a classic hot towel shave. The Look Sharp option is your style and cut which includes wash and massage. Finally they have their Feel Like a King, this is the premium grooming package with cut style and shave.

On our visit Simo was in need of a cut, we were just walk ins, though they do have appointments as an option, we were lucky John was free to take care of Simo. John has only been cutting hair with Barbers of Brunswick for three months, but he clearly knows his craft, having 10 years experience in Wales.

After discussing what style Simo wanted, John kicked things off by offering Simo a choice of whisky or beer, perfect. Like all good barbers, John was fantastic to converse with, he finished the beard trim and head clip with a rinse, Simo being a balled man has assured me a rinse at the end of a haircut is a must and many barbers don’t do it.

With my love for men’s hair and grooming products I had to walk over and take a gander at their products section. The selection in the store is extensive with a great selection of men’s shaving brushes, hair combs, shaving creams, haircare and styling products. As you would expect they stock Proraso, as one of the few original Italian manufacturers still in the men’s shaving market and they have a quality product and at a low price.

Next up is another brand I am familiar with, Reuzel. Reuzel was designed in an old school barber shop in Holland and they excel at making grease and high sheen pomade. It’s great to see they stock products from EVO, I’ve got a lot of respect for this brand, all their products are made with only active ingredients, it’s a no bullshit brand that doesn’t promise what they can’t deliver, they have a mammoth product range and manufacture both style and hair care products.

Finally we have some styling clay and paste from Muk. Melbourne founded, they have been making hair products since 2006. I’ve only covered the main products Barbers of Brunswick have on offer, they have numerous beard oils and more and their team are more than happy to help you select the right product for your hair type and style.

If you have ever caught yourself wondering why does my hair never look as good as the other guy on the tram, it’s because he goes to a proper barber and you don’t. Even if you already go to a great barber if you live in or around Brunswick and maybe you’re thinking it’s time for a change, Barbers of Brunswick should be on the top of your list.