Amanda and Padre Coffee keep Lygon buzzing

A big part of Melbourne is its reputation for brewing amazing coffee and Brunswick East’s Padre Coffee is a testament to that powerful reputation.

We sat down with content and communications manager Amanda to talk to her about coffee, marketing collateral and Brunswick of course.

Amanda: I have been at Parde’s for four and a half to five months and my role or title is content and communications. So, I manage the social media and I do a lot of content for the website and I create all the collateral. In terms of marketing collateral, I also create that.

A huge part of my role is the coffee rollout process so I’ll write the content for that and also promote. A lot of the information I’ll get from Faye who is our head roaster and I’ll expand on that.

Byron: So, how did you get to know Padre and get to work here?

Amanda: I found the job online and came in for an interview, it was quite a quick process actually and I was working within four weeks. I was pretty new to coffee, I drank coffee only occasionally. A lot of the processes and origins of beans was very new to me. I learned a lot and it’s really fascinating to me because I didn’t know anything about the history of coffee and how it’s processed and all the work that’s put into it.

So, I have a much bigger appreciation for that and it’s been quite a steep learning curve.

Byron: So, how do you take your coffee now?

Amanda: I actually drink filter coffee. A lot of people do ask me that and I say that I’ve never ever drunk filter coffee in my life but I am really enjoying it. I feel like I can taste the flavours.

Inside Padre’s retail spot on Lygon Street.

Byron: What do you think of Brunswick the area and is it a good place to work?

Amanda: I’m always on Lygon Street. I love it, there’s a real sense of community, you can sense that. I don’t live here but I can sense that. I like how people are really proud of Brunswick, proud of the area. It’s a good vibe!

Byron: Do you ever go out anywhere to have lunch here?

Amanda: I know my friend in wholesale loves Moroccan – Moroccan Deli-cacy. Sesame n Soul is great – the Lebanese bakery. They are our two faves here.

You can find Padre Coffee on Lygon Street in Brunswick East as well as in South Melbourne on Coventry.