Abdoh at Stache Hair has hair styles for days

A good haircut can make you feel like a million bucks and thankfully there is salon on Lygon Street with the artistic flair and vision to not only make you feel great but give you a whole new sense of style and elegance.

Byron: Obviously you work in Brunswick, are you a local?

Abdoh: Was. I live in Maribyrnong.

Byron: You obviously like Brunswick?

Abdoh: We opened this business nine months ago and we use to live in Fitzroy North during that time when we started the business. We never actually knew much about Brunswick East but then when we first took this place we didn’t realise what Brunswick East was and everyone was telling us, “Oh great spot.” Like we picked a great spot. It wasn’t until the evenings when we realised fully. So, we loved it. Loved the location, the people are amazing.

Chris: Do you get a good variety of clients coming through asking for a lot of cool dos?

Abdoh: Yes, in short. It’s extremely diverse we have the smallest percentage of all the clients but a bigger percentage are younger clients and first-time mums, we have a lot of those.

Byron: Tell us a little about the business side.

Abdoh: So, Stache Hair started and Steven is the director and so am I. I have a design background, Steven has a hairdressing background so we started purely to take more of an artistic approach to hair not like a conventional hair salon. I told Steven I don’t want it to look like a hair salon.

Chris: So, I shouldn’t come in here and ask for a buzz cut?

Abdoh: Ha ha you can, of course, you can. Lots of people want hair for the everyday man and woman and anyone else. Our pricing reflects that the approach the service reflects that so our prices are not super cheap like Just Cuts but we are not super expensive we’re affordable. And we make sure that we adapt to our environment so whatever Brunswick needs, we try to make sure adapt and cater for them.

We’re not planning on pricing ourselves outside of what Brunswick East is like use to or what they can afford. We try to make sure it’s affordable so you can do it on a regular basis.

Byron: Getting a haircut for me it’s a bit of a ritual, I love to sit down and have someone who is not trying to rush me through. That’s important to me and grooming in general.

Abdoh: Yea, it’s good ha ha!

Sit back and let the crew at Stache do what they do best. (Image credit www.stachehair.com.au)

Byron: Have you got a favourite place, café lunch spot or anything like that yet?

Abdoh: That’s a hard question. It’s hard because I am super picky. I would say Brunswick Foodstore they’re really good. I like East Elevation they’re really good.

Chris: What would you do to improve the place?

Abdoh: An awesome café. I know that is the weird thing to say but I don’t think the cafés here have really hit the nail on the head.

Chris: So, get it to the next level?
Abdoh: Yea, I mean there’s lots of hair salons here and people are like oh there are lots of hair salons here but you guys are open and we’re like but we are so busy.

Byron: But you’re not a hair salon remember.

Abdoh: HAHA so you know we’re busy working. It’s not about the business type or how they’re growing I mean there are lots of cafés we just make sure we do it right and some people in Brunswick East are getting it there but it would be really cool if a coffee bar was really, really awesome.

Whether it’s some foils, a perm or even just a buzz cut the guys and girls at Stache Hair are super keen on finding you the right look.