Whole Lotta Love Bar is the kind of place where everyone is welcome and it’s got live music running through its veins. This rocking venue has everything you would hope for out of a live music venue in Brunswick including great craft beer, beer garden and it’s available for functions. We stopped by and chatted with owner Sash for her take on her Lygon street venue.  

What is your history with Whole Lotta Love Bar?
The bar has been here for around 6-7 years, originally owned by a group of guys who made it what it is today. It started off as a vegan bar, then a whiskey bar,  then my boyfriend Dillion and I took it over 2 years ago.

Since then we have turned it into a live music venue. We have live music five nights a week, Wednesday to Sunday. We have a variety of genres and bands, from singer-songwriters, locals and interstate bands.

Do you have specific nights here for different music genres?
Wednesday night is either an open mic night or blue jams night and anyone can turn up and play. Thursday – Sunday we have a program of 4-5 gigs. Everyone is welcome, we have a variety of age groups, it’s not uncommon on a Sunday to have kids and dogs out in the courtyard listening to the afternoon acoustics.

Our locals that come in have either been in a band, is in a band, or is in five bands it’s just crazy. If you go to an area that’s full of talented musicians and that are supportive it really encourages you to give it a go, the community really helps that.

Tell us about your offering when it comes to food and drinks?
We don’t do food being on Lygon Street there are so many places that you can go eat, we chose to focus on live music.  Some of our favourite beer on tap this year has to be Young Henrys, they have supported us since day one, and are really supportive to the music scene. Thunder Road Brewing they are local and just down the road, so it goes without saying. Brewmanity they are a great brand they donate a percentage of their proceeds to MND.

Do you get time to get out into Brunswick?
When we aren’t working we love to check out all the other local venues in Brunswick like The Retreat. We try to support all the other local venues, there is so much music around here it’s really important that we support each other.

Make sure you come check us out in Halloween, it’s free entry, heaps of local musicians get together and make super groups and then do covers. It’s massive the whole bar is decked out, everyone dresses up. It kicks off at 2 pm.

Next time you are keen for some great live music, with a cool crew of regulars, be sure to stop by Whole Lotta Love Bar, Sash and her team are going to make you feel welcome, you will have a cold beer in your hand and your foot will be tapping in no time.


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