7 things to look out for when buying a modern apartment

artist rendition of ebv building

As Melbournians know there is plenty of construction happening around town, with so much
development comes a lot of new modern apartments for sale in Melbourne. This is an
important list of things to consider when buying off the plan apartments in Melbourne like a
property in Brunswick.

Here are 5 questions to ask your developer, you obviously want the response to these to be positive. If the salesperson is not forthcoming and seems a little cagey, then maybe this development isn’t right for you. We would suggest if they cannot answer these questions confidently and positively, walk away.

1. Is development finance in place?
2. Have demolition permits been issued?
3. Has a builder been appointed?
4. Are planning approvals in place?
5. What is the developer’s financial position? If a developer goes into liquidation before
completion you may encounter significant delays and incur significant costs.

interior rendering of ebv apartment

Here are 7 things you want your new off the plan apartment to have.

1. Double glazed windows
A must for noise cancellation. If you are moving into an apartment, typically you will be in
an apartment complex, so to mitigate noise from yourself and your neighbours, double glazed
windows are a must.
2. Good quality kitchen joinery
Check cupboards, power points, etc to make sure everything is in the right places.
Good developers will have thought of the human flow of a house, and all of this would be
considered, but it's worth making sure this is all up to scratch and what you expect.
3. Recessed toilets
It really does save space and also looks great. For that modern feel and to maximize your
bathroom space, recessed toilets are fantastic.
4. Ample Storage
Nothing worse than having a room full of stuff, make sure your apartment has considered
storage. Trust us, you will need it.
5. Timber Floorboards
Trendy but also won’t go out of style. Easy to clean and maintain and if you’re after that
modern feeling, floorboards have and always will be the number one option.
Final tips to make sure you are buying off the right developer.

 Carefully inspect the display suite and marketing plans. Investigate the fixtures,
fittings, and finishes.
 Do a background check of the developer and builder’s track record.

 Ask how long they have been in the industry and some examples of completed
projects. Inspect the properties to ensure satisfaction.
 Make inquiries about the developer’s reputation. Need to ensure the integrity of the
developer of integrity.
 Ask for clarification of what is included in the purchase price including fixtures,
fittings, and appliances. Request any uncertain items be written into the contract to
avoid doubt.  Request as much detail as possible.
 Ask to reduce the sunset period if you are uncomfortable with the potential length of
the construction period.

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