5 Reasons Creatives Should Consider Moving to Brunswick

Brunswick is known as a place where people can be themselves, a place where self expression is expected. Eclectic fashion sense, an appreciation of diverse music…these are just some of the reasons why Brunswick is known as one of the coolest suburbs in Melbourne. The northside has a reputation for being very creative and Brunswick is the heart that pumps the blood of all of this creativity.

It’s no surprise then that a lot of creative people are moving northside and choosing Brunswick East. This has also meant a lot of the new apartments for sale in Brunswick East meet the design and creative expectations of the community. Apartments that are designed and built for both creative + sustainability focused people are winning the hearts of locals and those wanting to move to the north.

Below are five reasons why creatives should consider moving to Brunswick:

1. It’s close to the city

Most creatives are working in the city, so having a close commute into work is one of the major reasons why Brunswick is a sought after destination. Plenty of amazing bike tracks can take you into the city quite easily, and if biking isn’t for you, the trams are pretty regular and consistent. Either way, you’re able to get in and out of the city with ease, and this is a priority for many creative types.

2. The people and community are amazing

This goes without saying, but we thought it was still pretty important to mention that our community is electric. It’s a melting pot of genres, ages and ethnicities. The Brunswick community is known to be forward thinking, kind, sustainably conscious and environmentally friendly. Everyone is up for a chat, they’re there to help and they’re always open to community events.

3. The food, coffee and lifestyle

The north is known to have some of the best restaurants and cafes that Melbourne has to offer. You could eat out every day of the year and still not have sampled all the amazing food there is to offer. If you are a foodie and enjoy trying new places, why not do it on your own doorstep? Living in Brunswick is a foodies dream come true, with endless coffee and plenty of restaurants covering all the cuisines you could possibly imagine.

4. Real estate prices are on the rise

Buying into Brunswick is always a good idea. The area has seen steady growth over the past five years and there’s no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Brunswick is one of the most sought after places to live, especially for those that want to be close to the action. A great way into the market is through apartments, so if you are a first home buyer, apartments off the plan that are architecturally designed and sustainably built is all you need.

5. Great schools

While you may not have children yet, planning ahead is important and being close to schools and in the right schools zones can make life a lot easier down the track. Brunswick and its surrounding suburbs have some fantastic primary schools, allowing you to give your kids the education they deserve. Click here to see all local primary schools.

If you are interested in buying in Brunswick East, you are creative and care about both design and sustainability, we believe we have created something pretty special. Please be sure to reach out to our sales team to find out more.

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