5 Cozy Design Trends For Your Apartment

Winter is certainly here and whilst we’re not out there with John Snow and the Wildings protecting the wall, it’s important that we protect what’s within our walls and give it some style to make your dark and cold winter days/nights a lot more cozy and delightful.

Throws and Pillows

Seems obvious but for those single fellas still living the bach life, we cannot recommend enough some throws and pillows to soften up your living space. They will become more inviting and generally nicer to be in. At the moment we’re suggesting natural and dusty colours as they won’t take away from your feature piece. They will add to the warmth of the room.
Tip; the blankets you are not using, pull them out and put them on display. You should never be an arms reach away from another blanky.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a must today, adding indoor plants to your East Brunswick apartment will instantly give a cozy vibe. It shows you care (because you do) and mixing indoor plants with some dusty throws and pillows will really help to warm up your room. We’re suggesting you sit these indoor plants in natural woven planters.

Light Dimmers

Nothing says winter like closing your blinds so you can’t see the rain, you can only hear it, then so it’s not pitch black dark, turn your lights down low. This will instantly give off a cosy feeling that your space is one to relax in and not be uptight in. It’s perfect to set the mood right for your Netflix and Chill night or a home-cooked date day/night. Your light dimmers will add the perfect amount of warmth to any room.

If you don’t have dimmers and heck, not all of us do, make sure you have a nice lamp that you can turn on for just the right amount of light.


Gather all of your candles and group them together. There is no such thing as too many candles, but having a few candles burning can really turn any cold apartment into a nice warm apartment. That’s because candles mean lights off and time to enjoy the ambience they create.

Tip, burning them all together gives that ‘fireplace glow’ – heads up if you have a fireplace you are one lucky person. Fireplace envy.

Build yourself a blanket fort.

OK, we cheated here, but have you ever pulled out your bed mattress into the living room as an adult, topped it with blankets, pillows, did all of the above and watched a movie or spent the day in bed on it? If not, I highly recommend you do. It oozes comfort, warmth, and cosiness. Do that with someone you like/love and you have just won at life.

The only challenge is making yourself put the bed back, you won’t want to as it’s a pretty sweet thing to do.
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