Meet the team

A group of Melbourne’s most talented professionals, designers, builders and creatives are helping to realise the vision behind the EBV project.


“We wanted to create a village that encompasses all the benefits of living in a real community. At EBV people will be able to work, shop, and socialise…they’ll be able to access everything they could want, or need.”


“I think of EBV as a microcosm of East Brunswick. It’s exciting, it’s creative, it’s diverse, and East Brunswick is like that too – it’s one of Melbourne’s most inspiring and livable suburbs. It’s got great public transport, great amenities and restaurants. And it’s so close to the city; as a place to live, East Brunswick has become incredibly popular over the past decade. We know people want to live here. With EBV, one of our big aims is to make living in this part of Melbourne achievable for people. Making living as affordable and enjoyable as possible, that’s what it’s all about.”

– Mario Lo Giudice, Director @ Banco Group

EBV Consultant Team


“Our architectural vision is of a self-sustaining village that enables holistic, modern urban living, yet respects and engages with the EBV site’s industrial and historical past, and the culturally diverse neighbourhood it’s located in today.”


“The entire project is based on a traditional village’s model of social, environmental and cultural sustainability.  A high standard of services and amenities have been interwoven throughout, including rooftop and podium gardens, communal vegetable plots, playgrounds and recreational spaces. Recycled timber and quarried bluestone from the site have been integrated throughout the landscaping, laneways and architecture. Tactile brickwork and expressed steel are reinterpreted in a contemporary way. EBV encapsulates urban living for the future, and is really exciting to be involved with.”

– Chris Manton, Director @ JAM Architects


“The interiors at EBV encapsulate a sense of comfort and luxury that reflect the rich and eclectic character of East Brunswick, and maximise views and light.”


“We’re continuing the external architectural palette of recycled timber and bluestone that has been extracted from the site. Those materials are a big part of East Brunswick’s history, and it’s wonderful to be able to use them at EBV. Each apartment will make the most of EBV’s external gardens and natural light. Open plan layouts extend through to external balconies.  Full height windows expand the access to light and a sense of space, and offers expansive views of the inner-urban skyline and to the city. We’ve established a series of palette options that will allow purchasers to create their own identity and establish the comforts of modern living. Fixtures and fittings have been selected for their quality, durability and beauty; it’s going to be stunning.”

– Eleanor Beams, Interior Designer @ JAM Architects


“We’ve gotten a feel for all the forces at play in each space: the sun, the wind, the views, and the physical aspects of the design and how that affects the way it will feel to move through.”


“We’re making EBV’s outdoor areas as harmonious, comfortable and full of life as possible. We’re ensuring there’s ready shade when the sun is at its zenith, for example, making sure a bench seat is situated to make the most of a view. EBV has a heap of green spaces: rooftop gardens, podium gardens, viewing platforms, barbeque areas, vegetable patches, smaller nature spaces; the residents are going to have many options for getting outside and enjoying.”

– Dan Palmer, Co-Director @ Very Edible Gardens


“EBV is one of the largest urban renewal projects in Moreland. We have got the scale right, and we genuinely feel it’s going to benefit EBV residents, and the wider community.”


“Our vision has been to maximise connectivity between EBV and the existing community, and to create a series of spaces, that people will step inside and find a retreat from the hectic East Brunswick lifestyle. I’m proud that we’ve been able to design a traffic network that puts pedestrians, not cars, as the focus at EBV. Village Way is an east-west spine connecting Nicholson Street to John Street; it’s one of EBV’s biggest assets. The connection is for pedestrian and bike use only, and it connects EBV to one of the inner north’s most iconic bike routes, the Brunswick Shimmy.”

–  Giovanni Gattini, Director @ G2 Urban Planning


“EBV is a great project. We’ve looked at the sustainability of many aspects of the design, and we are really pleased with what we’ve been able to achieve so far.”


“Our scope includes energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, alternative transport options, indoor environment quality and materials usage. All Stage 1 residential apartments will achieve average 7.5-star Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). The local Council only requires an average rating of 6.5 stars, so this is a substantial improvement. It reflects innovations like the buildings’ thermally efficient passive design. This is ESD speak for staying cool in summer and warm in winter, and means residents will be able to reduce their reliance on heating and air conditioning.”

– Sophie Hutchinson, ESD Team Leader @ ADP Consulting

“Everyone knows humans have a great impact on this planet. It’s really important that we do our bit to reduce our impact on the environment, and EBV certainly plays a role in that.”


“Australia is a very dry country, so water conservation is important. For EBV we’re using water efficient fixtures, and we’re going to be using rain water to irrigate the gardens and flush the toilets. There are solar panels on top of the roof of each building to offset common area energy usage. We’ve also focused on reducing waste, and making alternative transportation integral to the design. Eventually, there will be more than 900 bike racks across the site! So there will be people walking and cycling everywhere. It’s going to be really communal and vibrant. From an environmental perspective, it’s a stand-out project.”

– David Kim, Senior Sustainability Consultant @ ADP Consulting


“We’re engaging local artists to create great public art that will stand the test of time. There will be public art throughout EBV, in a range of mediums – sculpture, photography, and murals.”


“At EBV, we’re creating more than just spaces; we’re creating peoples’ homes. Culture is the glue that sticks community together, and we want the art to excite residents and visitors alike. As EBV Public Art Consultant, I’m working closely with the team – the landscapers, the architects, the interior designs, and of course the artists – to grow art organically through the site. I’m proud to be part of creating art for a village that people will live, work in and love. The art will be there long after we are, and that’s pretty special.”

– Andy Dinan, Director @ ADA Public Art


“My mural at EBV is quite bright and abstract, it’s like a contemporary cave painting. I’ve aimed to make it inclusive and inviting, no matter where you’re from.”


“The work is about all people. It’s form and colour and rhythm, and it doesn’t want anything from the viewer; it wants to give. I have to express something; I can’t just be making wallpaper for capitalism. Why muck around? They’ve given me this great big wall on a big grey street, so I’m going to do some eye crime; I’m going to blind people with colour. The mural is 30-metres long, and at the moment it’s on the hoarding at Nicholson Street, so it’s visible to passersby. It has landmarked the site and put it in people’s consciousness; eventually, it’s going to be a permanent part of the public art collection at EBV.”

– Al Stark, painter and public artist


“I’ve been commissioned to be an artist in residence at EBV. Working with raw materials and cast impressions from the site; this project engages with the landscape through the process of making.”


“Basalt, or bluestone, forms a large part of the material makeup of the landscape of Melbourne’s inner north. I’m intrigued by the way volcanic rock – basalt – that was formed millions of years ago is now being utilised to inform the architecture of this city. At EBV, I’m working with the basalt that’s been extracted from the site. A lot of it is being milled up and turned into pavers for the village; I’m gilding a large raw fragment in 24 carat gold leaf. I’m also taking moulds from the site, and casting smaller sculptural pieces that will be part of the development’s display suite phase. Essentially, I’m taking and recreating impressions of a place working with geological material and formations from the location itself.

– Will Heathcote, sculptor and public artist

EBV Construction Team


“From a building perspective, the sheer size of the EBV development, nestled in the heart of East Brunswick, makes it unique. The site footprint covers an area of 30,000m2.”


“As Building Project Manager, I’m responsible for overseeing safety, financial reporting, quality management, construction programming and team leadership for the actual build. We’re currently working on stage 1; and there are another two stages to follow. I’m enjoying being part the of early conceptual phase and working with the rest of the team to complete the design, which will continue to evolve as the build progresses. I’m really proud to be part of a team taking an existing, rundown industrial site and turning it into a vibrant precinct that will benefit the local community.”

– Darren McErlain, Project Manager @ Hacer Group

“This landmark project provides unlimited opportunities to be part of the development and construction of a unique community hub where residents will have everything at their fingertips.”


“For us, the opportunity to once again work closely with a valued client and a highly skilled team of consultants, provides the perfect teaching platform for our graduates to learn all aspects of the construction process. I am excited to be part of their, and the complete project journey. Building an environment to reflect the diversity of the community and surrounds. What a brilliant opportunity!”

– Carly Wilkinson, Senior Contract Administrator @ Hacer Group

“I’m the site manager for the EBV project, which means I’m on the ground, overseeing the actual building works onsite. I love building, so long as they let me build, I can build. Not a problem!”


“At the moment we’ve got two foremen and around 60 subcontractors on the site, all busy creating the basements and infrastructure for the buildings. Soon we’ll be getting out of the ground and starting on the buildings themselves, that’s always an exciting stage. Part of my job is keeping in touch with the locals who are living and working around the site; I want to make sure that they’re comfortable with what we’re doing, and that we’re not making too much noise for them. This is happening in their neighbourhood, so they’re an important part of the project too.”

– Charlie Ursino, Site Manager @ Hacer Group

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